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Your path to a fruitful Silicon Valley career begins with ITU, which offers a truly practical education in Computer Engineering, and allows you the opportunity to work with cutting edge EDA tools.

Use the most cutting edge technology and learn from industry leading faculty, with ITU’s Computer Engineering program. Our Computer Engineering program offers a high-quality education in one of the most in-demand fields in the world today. Learn and perfect your computer engineering skills, and be ready to apply them instantly in Silicon Valley.

About 53% of current students participate in internships* 54 countries represented in our student body.
>50% Annual Earnings are double the national average in Silicon Valley. 25% Less Fee: Compared to Average Tuition for a Master’s Degree in The US. “Finance and Fee”.

*one credit hour of Internships is required for all ITU Master’s Degrees.


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Concentration – Artificial Intelligence

The AI concentration is a discipline and specialization within the ECE department that follows the general ECE degree requirements, and it is open to all students in MSEE, MSCE, and MSECE. In addition to ECE department students, this concentration is also open to students in MS computer science, MS software engineering and MS Information and Cyber security. Non-ECE students (MSCS, MSSE, and MSICS) must take the REQUIRED ELECTIVES and two courses from ELECTIVES in AI concentration to fulfill the concentration requirements. The core courses for non-ECE majores will be according to their respective major requirements.

The AI concentration has the same requirements as the general ECE degree and a total of 39 credit hours.


  • CEN 548 Computer Network Systems
  • ECE 502 Advanced Python Applications
  • EEN 541 Digital Signal Processing and System Analysis

The AI concentration has the same requirements as the general ECE degree and a total of 39 credit hours.


  • ECE 557 Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Application
  • ECE 505 Machine Learning Fundamentals
  • ECE 655 Deep Learning Fundamentals (Keras/ TensorFlow 2.0, Pytorch)


  • ECE 690 Capstone project or
  • ECE 698 Master Thesis


  • INT 593 Part-time/Full-time Internship


Minimum of 2 electives are required in order to fulfill the AI concentration requirement:

  • ECE 656 Reinforcement Learning (Pytorch)
  • ECE 657 Natural Language Processing (Keras/TensorFlow 2.0, Pytorch)
  • ECE 660 Parallel Implementation of ML Algorithms with GPUs (Python Mumba programming, Cuda programming with C++)
  • ECE 661 AI application development in Engineering and Science (self-driving cars, advanced computer vision/face recognition, AI application in Cybersecurity)
  • ECE 662 AI application development in business (Fintech/algorithmic trading)
  • ECE 663 Machine Learning project deployment and production (dockers and Kubernetes, Edge AI, iPhone/Android deployment)