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Why ITU?

    • On average 70% of our students hold an internship during a trimester.
    • 55% of our students are women, with the vast majority of them completing STEM degrees.
    • Over 90% of ITU students in CPT have paid internships. Of those, large proportion make more than $80,000 a year.
    • Our students come from over 30 countries: Spain, Mexico, China, India, Sri Lanka, Israel, Jordan.

    ITU Key Facts

    • WASC Accredited University in the heart of Silicon Valley.
    • ACBSP Accredited Business Programs.
    • Industry relevant course content & practical learning.
    • high qualified professors from Top US Companies.
    • 27% less fee comapred to average tuition for a Master’s degree in the USA.

      Graduate Programs

    Business Administration

    Computer Science

    Digital Arts

    Electrical & Computer Engineering

    Engineering Management

    Interdisciplinary Science



    Spring 2024

    Start Date – Jan 8, 2024
     End Date – Apr 21, 2024 

    Certificate Programs

    UI/UX Design

    Wireless & Mobile Applications


    AI & Machine Learning

    Financial Analysis & Risk Management


    Business & Technology Innovations

    Internship and Success Matrix

    About 53% of ITU students from the Computer Science Dept. participate in internships out of which more than 50% having Annual Earnings double the national average in Silicon Valley. In the last academic year 70 Digital Arts students got internships opportunities of which 98.5% were paid internships.

    Unbelievable true facts from ITU

    Last term, no less than 88% of our students participated in high-paying internships while still in class.

    We had 100% student participation in paid internships in several of our fields of study.

    Average internship compensation was higher than the national average at the same position and equivalent to SV working professional engineers (in some cases 2X of the national average), who are indeed the highest-paid workers in the highest compensated fields worldwide.


    Student participation in paid internships in several of our fields of study

    • Students participated in high-paying internships while still in class last term. 88% 88%

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