University Life

At ITU, we promote an active life outside of work and the classroom, allowing you to interact with your fellow students in a welcoming and inclusive environment. Multiple co-curricular activities and student clubs are available — you can even start your own!

ITU Clubs

At Toastmasters meetings, you’ll learn how to successfully organize and present your ideas and yourself. Toastmaster’s methods for effective public speaking result in the skills and confidence needed to effectively express YOU in any situation.

The Student Government Association acts with integrity and vision to be a link between students and administration by providing solutions to various matters that affect the campus as a whole.


From the sciences to fine art to entertainment to technology, there’s a lot for museum lovers to see throughout the Bay Area. ITU highly supports student engagement, which fosters a deeper understanding of culture, heritage, and technology trends—plus it’s a fun way to spend an afternoon!.

Nearby Attractions

The Bay Area is home to a multitude of sights and attractions–not only does it include the Golden Gate and Silicon Valley, but it’s also home to relaxing beaches, some of the world’s finest wine, awe-inspiring Redwoods, and so much more. So, where to begin? Take a look at ITU’s best suggestions.

Art & Music

The peninsula is fortunate to have a world class visual art, music, and theater scene. Fortunately, many art institutions see the value of engaging people of all ages, with discounted tickets that may include current students. Take a look into exhibits, performances, and activities in the links below. Better yet, bring a friend from class!

Parks and Reservoirs

Parks and recreation infrastructure and facilities promote conservation and environmental sustainability. They can also be a quiet space to study in today’s hectic world. For nature lovers, the bay area offers a great number of parks and natural attractions. ITU has broken down a list of the best ones in the region.

Family Activities

When in the Bay Area, regardless if you live with your family or if they are visiting you during a vacation or holiday, it can be hard to find activities that are family-friendly and provide something that everyone will enjoy, especially if you’re not native to The Bay Area. But don’t worry! We have compiled a list of the best things to do around the Bay Area to please all different phases of life.

Restaurants & Shops

When the subject is food and cuisine, The Bay area is rich with diversity! Browse here for many different restaurants and shopping options to satisfy all tastes. Experiment from traditional American brunches to Asian fusion cuisine, from vegan restaurants to rustic barbecue! Here are some stand-outs in the region:

Breweries & Vineyards

The Bay Area, especially Napa and Sonoma, is peppered with vineyards and wineries. Not a wine lover? No fear. There are also plenty of excellent local Bay Area breweries in the region. Look here to view the best Bay Area breweries and vineyards for your next getaway. The trips can be made short or long; plan for a quick brew after a hike, or stay for the day and take a vineyard tour!


Ready for a night out? Us too! The Bay Area has a lot to offer for those who are party lovers. From dancing clubs to more relaxing dive bars, check here for options based on your musical taste and get-together plans.