Business Administration Faculty

Dr. Yacoub Elziq, Department Chair –
Ph.D., Electrical & Computer Engineering – Utah State University
He started his career with Sperry Univac where he led the incorporation of new DFT (Design-For-Test) techniques into Mainframe CPUs.Read More


Dr. Barbara Arnoldussen – Adjunct Faculty –
DBA – International Technological University

Dr. Patricia Wiggin – Adjunct Faculty –
Doctorate in Business Administration – International Technological University
Dr. Patricia Wiggin has many years of experience in marketing, sales, education & training, as well as higher education teaching. She is interested in seeing people develop into their best version in order to fulfill their life mission.

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Dr. Stephan Hyatt – Adjunct Faculty –
Ph.D., Engineering Materials – University of Windsor, Ontario, Canada
Dr. Stephan Hyatt started his engineering career as a process engineer and moved into development. He worked in magnetic materials and semiconductor areas and earned a few engineering and quality-related certifications to complement his technical knowledge.Read More

Dr. Fel Anthony Amistad – Adjunct Faculty –
Ph.D., Business Administration – California Pacific University
Dr. Fel Anthony is EXPERIENCED, LICENSED Direct lender, mortgage originator, with 1 of the TOP NorCal Loan Company: I AM fast, efficient, and experienced to fund and close COMMERCIAL and RESIDENTIAL Transactions. State Licensed by the California Dept. of Real Estate and NMLS Loan registry –over $138 million originations and closings in real estate residential and commercial transactions.Read More

Hatem Ben Aghil – Adjunct Faculty –
MS, Business Analytics – Northeastern University
Mr. Hatem Ben Aghil graduated from Northeastern business school in 2018 with MSc in Business Analytics and from the university of technology Malaysia in 2009 with a Master of Science in Technology management.Read More

Computer Science Faculty

Dr. Mamoun Samaha – Department Chair –
Ph.D., Electrical and Computer engineering – International Technological University
Dr. Mamoun is CTO Evangelist and Architect, in Artificial Intelligence (AI), ML, Deep Learning, Mobility, Cybersecirity, Cloud solution. Wireless Chief of Technologies and Solutions Architect known for leading key advancement in Enterprise technologies, theories, and techniques essential to accomplishing continuing business objectives, most notably in mobility, synchronization and consumerization of IT, home networking, enterprise cost reduction and mobile risk management. Read More

Dr. Da-Qi Ren – Adjunct Faculty –
Ph.D., McGill University 
Dr. Da-Qi Ren has more than 14 years of experience in industry. His research focuses on data intensive computing, big data analytics, parallel and distributed processing, and HPC software design and optimization. Dr. Ren owns 11 patents, and has written more than 60 scientific publications.
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Qamar Asghar – Adjunct Faculty –
MS, Mechanical Engineering – University of Tennessee
Experienced Quality/ Reliability leader with over 15 years of experience in developing, implementing, and sustaining Continuous Improvement Programs and overall Quality Management Systems.

Experienced in leading compliance/certification programs such as ISO 9000. Read More

Digital Arts Faculty

Yau Gene Chan – Department Chair – MFA, Acting – University of California, LAYau earned a bachelor’s degree with honors in sociology at the University of California, Berkeley, and a master’s degree in fine arts (acting) at the University of California, Los Angeles, where he earned the Jack Nicholson Prize and an Edna Yu Han fellowship.
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Dave Lo – Core Faculty –
MS, Engineering Management – International Technological University
Dave Lo is a seasoned CG artist specializing in 3D modeling, creature rigging, hair and cloth simulation as well as rigid dynamics. Some of the major studios that he has worked at include Walt Disney Feature Animation, Digital Domain, ILM, Sony Pictures Imageworks, and Rhythm and Hues.
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Stacey Houghton – Adjunct Faculty – Stacey Houghton is a seasoned UX professional with extensive experience in Information Architecture, Interaction Design, Visual Design and UI Development/Design. Her keen design sense and innovative spirit inspires her to create engaging, intuitive and visually stunning designs.
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Tom Rubalcava – Adjunct Faculty –
Associate’s Degree, Film Production – Screen Writing – Diablo Valley College
Tom Rubalcava career started as Animation Director, Animator, Illustrator, Storyboard Artist and Live Action Art Director over the years has been incredibly rewarding. Rewards come in many different forms.Read More

Electrical & Computer Engineering Faculty

Dr. John Kim – Department Chair –
Ph.D., Electrical Engineering – New Mexico State University- Department Chair –
Dr. JeongHee Kim is a core professor at ITU. He also works as an adjunct faculty at San Jose State University. Previously, he served as a Senior Engineer of Software Verification at Broadcom, a District Manager at Panasonic, and a Consultant for Electronics, Telecommunications Research Institute (ETRI), Sybersay Communications, and Bell Labs in Lucent Tech.
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Dr. Dominik Schmidt – Adjunct Faculty and Director of Bioelectronics Research Lab –
Ph.D., Electrical Engineering – Stanford University
Ph.D. Minor, Aeronautical Engineering – Stanford University
Dr. Dominik Schmidt is an adjunct faculty member at ITU and also serves as a technology analyst and investor at QVT Financial LP. He was previously the senior director of Technology Development at Intel and designed one of the first mobile cellular product with an Intel CPU.Read More

Dr. Faramarz Mortezaie – Adjunct Daculty –
Dr. Faramarz Mortezaie is an adjunct faculty member at ITU.


Engineering Management Faculty

Dr. Frank Aguilera – Department Chair – Dr. Frank Aguilera is a senior engineer at NASA. His 40 plus year career has included positions in private industry and Department of Defense. His varied assignments have been as a researcher for technology developments and as manager of various state-of-the-art technologies and aircraft developments.

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Dr. Alexander Peters – Core Faculty –
Ph.D., Engineering – Aachen University of Technology 
Dr. Peters has more than 35 years of professional experience as technology manager, industry analyst, IT management consultant and scientist. At ITU he teaches Principles of Engineering Management, Organization Behavior and Management Consulting.
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