Business Administration Faculty

Frank Aguilera - Department Chair

Dr. Frank Aguilera is a senior engineer at NASA. His 40 plus year career has included positions in private industry and Department of Defense. His varied assignments have been as a researcher for technology developments and as manager of various state-of-the-art technologies and aircraft developments.

Early in his career he worked in wind-tunnel and flight test experiments of various advanced aircraft. In his mid-career he conducted operational testing of GPS receivers during initial constellation deployment. And he managed the development of an experimental aircraft. Most recently he has been involved in drone developments and associated autonomy research. One of his responsibilities at NASA includes overseeing aircraft airworthiness and flight safety.

Dr. Aguilera has been teaching at ITU for several years in both the DBA and MBA programs. Dr. Aguilera is a member of the following professional associations, American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA) and Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE).

Barbara Arnoldussen - Adjunct Faculty RN and PHN


Barbara Arnoldussen is an educator and a writer. She has taught at International Technological University (ITU) in San Jose, California since 2009. She received ITU’s Distinguished Faculty Award in 2013. Her books include “First Year Nurse” and “Change Your Career: Nursing as Your New Profession.” She is a reviewer of “Nursing: A Concept-Based Approach to Learning, 3rd edition,” and is on its editorial board.

Barbara earned her Doctorate in Business Administration (DBA) at ITU, writing her dissertation on key factors of health management, focusing on eHealth education and self-care confidence. Her MBA from San Jose State University concentrated on program and project management. She interned in Management of Information Systems at the Center for Employment Training in San Jose, California. She received her BSN from Marquette University.

Barbara’s clinical and management experience includes being leader of a team providing education for IRB activities, clinical coordinator of an integrated medicine clinic, consultant to a NASA team about patient safety reporting, quality improvement director for a university student health center and a VA medical center, research nurse in rehabilitation and in anesthesiology, and director of a non-profit medical clinic for young adults. She has directed successful accreditation efforts to satisfy The Joint Commission, AAAHC, and AAHRPP requirements.

Nutan Bhat - Core Faculty SAP Manager


I am a full time member of Business faculty at ITU. I primarily teach SAP courses. I am also responsible for building the ERP/SAP University Alliance Program on campus. I am also a contributor to ITU Business Department’s ACBSP Accreditation and assessment efforts.

An Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system is an integrated computer based application used to manage internal and external resources. The value of such ERP software is its ability to integrate multiple business functions such as Finance, Human Resources, Inventory Management, Sales and Distribution and many others. SAP is a market leader in enterprise application software. SAP stands for Systems, Applications and Products in Data Processing. Over 80% of corporates all over the world use SAP systems, and over 76% of revenue transactions touch an SAP system at some point.

ITU is a proud member of the SAP University Alliance, a global program, enabling over 3,200 educational institutions globally to integrate the latest SAP technologies into teaching. Upon successful completion of 3 or more approved ERP/SAP courses at ITU, students are eligible to receive a Joint Recognition Award Certificate from the SAP University Alliance and ITU. Several ERP/SAP courses also help prepare students for higher level SAP and/or other Business Certifications.

I bring to each class I teach, over 10 years of corporate experience in industries such as Utilities (Electricity, Gas, Communications, and others), Food Manufacturing, and Retailing, and others. My career has spanned several functional SAP modules such as Finance and Controlling, Materials Management, Fulfillment, Enterprise Asset Systems, Business Warehousing, and Business Intelligence Reporting. I have been consistently awarded for “Making Things Happen” and “Rethinking Business Processes”. My skills profile and core competencies include Financial & Managerial Accounting, Financial Planning, Reporting, and Analysis, Regulatory Compliance, Consolidation, Audit Liaison, Contract Reviews, and IFRS/GAAP Consulting. My classes integrate my professional experiences, latest SAP technologies as well as academic rigor to prepare students for a future in the corporate world. Students have found my courses of immense value in their career and we routinely bring real world industry questions to the classroom for discussions and case study analyses.

Outside of work, I enjoy traveling, reading, dancing and music. I am also active as an Area Director with Toastmasters International.

Yacoub Elziq, PhD - Adjunct Faculty


In class or by prior appointment (in person, or remote)

Dr. Yacoub Elziq is an independent Computer Engineering Consultant, Educator, and Technical Trainer. He is the owner of Jimzu Technologies, a specialized in SoC (System on Chip) Design, Verification, and Test Automation company. Also, he has taught both graduate and undergraduate courses as an Adjunct Professor with SCU (Santa Clara University), UC Santa Cruz, and UMUC (The University of Maryland University College) in both computer design and computer cybersecurity. His current areas of research are in advanced machine learning, Deep learning and AI with applications in engineering and business. He holds US patent and has many IEEE-sponsored Journal and Conference publications. Dr. Elziq’s business career involves being a founder, CEO, CTO, Consultant, and/or senior manager for several successful startup companies in the fields of computer design automation, medical imaging, and cybersecurity.

Venkatesh Gopal, PhD - Adjunct Faculty


5:00 PM – 6:00 PM
1 hour after class

Venkatesh Gopal, known to many as VG, has a Master’s in Chemistry and a Ph.D in Biotechnology from Anna University. His passion is to develop commercial products that would be of use to society and research should culminate in a tangible solution rather than an esoteric exercise. As a result, many of his projects has commercial implications – whether it is in Chemistry or Biology. Although he started out as a Chemist, he realized that Biology is nothing but chemistry in a micro-scale and that a biologist would be more effective with a background in Chemistry. He chose to undertake a research project in Biology for his Graduate studies and graduated with a Ph.D in Biotechnology.

For his master thesis he worked at IIT Madras to develop novel heterocyclic compounds on Doped-Alumina catalyst and his work during his graduate studies include developing a vaccine for a viral disease and projects on identifying biologically active compounds in medicinal plants that were and are used a medicine in Siddha and Ayurveda even today. He investigated the medicinal properties of P. amarus for the treatment of human Hepatitis B virus.

He later joined the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology where he investigated the differential regulation of hormone receptors – progesterone and estrogens in endometrial cancer with emphasis on the mechanism of regulation of these hormones in breast and endometrial cancers. His other works include investigation of transcriptional regulations of cAMP regulated genes in diabetes and global transcriptional regulation in yeast models to understand the complex regulation of genes and the role of transcriptional factors in regulating genes at Vanderbilt University in Nashville, TN. When an opportunity presented itself to pursue his passion of commercial products he completed a collaborative project with Pfizer in the development of a block-buster drug – Viagra®. During this research project, he independently derived the mechanism of action and the underlying cell signaling pathway – both cAMP and cGMP pathways. He held a research scientist position at Vanderbilt.

Transitioning from academic research to commercial drug discovery and development, he joined Applied Biosystems (now part of Thermo Fisher) he worked with almost all major pharmaceuticals in the US and helped developed high throughput and high content assays for the identification of drug-able targets for further development. He worked as a technical sales and business development roles for GE Healthcare and BD Biosciences while working with major pharmaceuticals and biotechnology companies: from drug discovery through development and commercialization.

When the Silicon Valley’s entrepreneurial bug infected him, he took a risk and joined his school mate to start a healthcare and medical device product development. At Vignani, as GM of Healthcare, conceived, developed and patented a stem cell isolation device for use in clinical settings. He implemented Quality Systems to meet ISO 13486 during this period and also consulted for a company in Slovenia to develop markets for bioprocessing products both in US and in India.
Currently he directs Sales and Business Development for products and services for Kerry, a company headquartered in Ireland and manages the US West Coast business.

VG has been teaching Healthcare and Bio Management courses since 2009 at ITU and is a passionate teacher. His teaching philosophy is based in kindling the inquisitive nature innate in the students and guide them toward developing their curiosity toward meaningful outcome. Tapping into the vast experience from successful commercial organizations his courses provide insight into the current trends and best practices in the industry to enable students to be productive employees and build their careers successfully.

In addition to teaching he is an avid gardener, photographer and loves to travel and enjoys music.

Patricia Wiggin - Core Faculty Director of Online Services


Wednesday and Thursday
2:00 PM – 4:00 PM

Computer Science Faculty

Mamoun Samaha, PhD - Department Chair

Research Interests

  • Mobility
  • Cybersecurity
  • Artificial intelligence


  • PhD in Electrical & Computer Engineering, ITU, San Jose – California
  • Masters in Electronics, Eindhoven University of Technology, Netherlands
  • BS EE, University of Jordan

About Mamoun

Mamoun Abu-Samaha has extensive industrial experience. He worked for Hewlett Packard as an architect and technology strategist in corporate IT, a software architect, and then a wireless and mobility chief technology officer. Later, he worked for Motorola Mobility as their enterprise CTO. Currently he is co-founder, CEO, and chief strategy officer for MobiWee Inc.

Abu-Samaha’s areas of interest include mobile platforms and services, applications, Android, iOS, IoT, embedded systems, cybersecurity and ethical hacking, blockchain, enterprise architecture, game design, unity, artificial intelligence, machine learning, GAN, and virtual and augmented reality.

Where did you grow up?

I was born in Palestine, lived in Jordan, worked in Dubai, and did my higher education in San Jose, California, and Eindhoven, The Netherlands. I played for the national volleyball team of Jordan and the student teams in Eindhoven.

What are the specifics of your educational background?

With a PhD at ITU, I had a focus on AI & GAN. I try to play volleyball every Sunday in Santa Cruz, my favorite city in California. I love to work with Phil McKinney, CEO of CableLabs, as the key to the future is to always be connected.

What are your research interests?

My research focus is in mobility, mobile devices security, game design and application, blockchain, mobile applications development, capstone projects, AI focus on GAN Software, device form factors and the user experience, and how security will continue to evolve and overlap.

Most of my work is software development in telecommunications and electronics.

What courses/subjects do you teach?

  • Mobile applications development
  • Cybersecurity countermeasures, web security & ethical hacking
  • Software engineering, computer science, algorithms, and blockchain
  • Game design and software development
  • AI, Python, C language

What do you enjoy most or find most rewarding about what you teach? Is there anything notable or unique about the kind of students that you teach?

I love to teach and work with students. I learn a lot from students and always give them a chance to teach about something they like, spend one-on-one time to learn, and share their learning in class. I love students who take risks in projects, as 10 percent good work on a new idea is better than 100 percent perfect on a project you are already proficient in. I reward students on progress and trying new things.

What are the specifics of your industry experience?

My industry experience includes serving as director of the Institute of Cybersecurity, CTO of Motorola Mobility/Google, and wireless and mobility CTO for Hewlett Packard.

Qamar Asghar, MS - Adjunct Faculty

15 years’ experience in developing curriculum and teaching professionals in the area of quality and reliability. Over 20 years of experience in leading Quality Programs in high tech. Six Sigma coaching, mentoring, and deployment (DFSS, DMAIC), process/product characterization, optimization, statistical modeling, data mining, data automation, and process control experience in high-tech.

He received MS Mechanical Engineering, University of Tennessee, TN

Mar Castro, MS - Adjunct Faculty


Develops, modifies, and manages automated databases. Plans, develops specifications, and completes and administers reporting and analysis projects. Establishes tracking systems to monitor and display critical steps for all major program enhancement projects. Acts as SME to inquiries and data requests. Receives, performs quality control, and publishes data for use within within PSA, DMDC, and other agencies.

He received MS Software Engineering, Cal State Fullerton, CA

Tushar Chandra - Adjunct Faculty

Lead quality engineer for Software Enablement Team (SET) contributing to various software projects. Responsibilities include using quality engineering techniques to make sure the projects are released with high quality to the customers.

He received MSCS & Engineering, Arizona State University

Patricia Hoffman, PhD - Adjunct Faculty

Dongming Liang, PhD - Adjunct Faculty

20+ years of programming for complex enterprise software design and implementation. Extensive experiences on database internals. Solid understanding and enthusiastic on new technologies with Cloud Computing services (PaaS/IaaS), Big Data with Hadoop ecosystem and Analytics platform. Strong background in relational databases query processing research and development.
He received PhD Computer Science, York University, Canada

Richard Riehle, PhD - Adjunct Faculty

Dr. Richard D. Riehle is a professor at ITU and a visiting professor at Naval Postgraduate School. He has been creating and managing software activities since the early 1960’s. His software engineering experience spans both military and civilian applications. In the military realm, he has been an active participant on some projects (command and control, etc.), and a shirt-sleeves consultant on others. Civilian software experience spans the full range of commercial enterprises: hospital information systems, banking, insurance, wholesale distribution, and medical billing, to name a few. Beginning in the late 1980’s, Dr. Riehle’s focus turned to software consulting and training. As a trainer, he conducted courses of his own design in Ada, C++, software methods, and object-oriented development.

He received a Bachelor’s degree from Brigham Young University and a MSSE from National University. He also earned a doctorate in software Engineering from Naval Postgraduate School.

Cornel Pokorny, PhD - Emeritus Professor

Dr. Pokorny received his Doctorate in Computer Science from Technical University in Vienna, Austria. His research areas are: computer graphics, object oriented design and web programming. Dr. Pokorny’s interests include computer graphics, photorealistic rendering, graphical user interfaces, abstract algebra and cryptography.

Dr. Pokorny is Professor Emeritus of Computer Science at California Polytechnic State University, and is now Department Chair at International Technological University.

Before teaching at Cal Poly, he worked for 5 years as Assistant Professor at the Technical University in Vienna, spent one year in Mainland China in linguistic studies and worked for 3 years as a project manager in the German industry. There he developed one of the first Chinese Character Generators for an electronic ink jet printer.

Dick Liu, PhD - Adjunct Faculty

Dick Liu received a M.S. in Computer Science from Pennsylvania State University and a Ph.D. in EE (Computer Systems Research Lab) from Stanford University.

He has extensive industrial experience with start-up companies and Fortune 500 corporations both as a technologist and executive management. He was with Synopsys Inc. (Smart, Secure Everything – from Silicon to Software) for 14 years. While at Synopsys, among various RD projects, he was also responsible for the security assessment and security setup at Shanghai RD center. He established a database security process for customer data protection. And he contributed vastly to improve RD teams’ software development processes, testing effectiveness and security awareness.

His interests include: protecting cyber security, developing robust software products, and researching innovative computing technologies. He has received 10 US patents and published numerous technical papers.

Leandro Loss, PhD - Adjunct Faculty

Leandro Loss completed his Ph.D. in Computer Science in May 2009 at the University of Nevada, Reno, and spent two years as a postdoctoral researcher at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL). After working at Nokia for 3 years, he joined Nodeprime Inc. in San Francisco, where he is currently a senior data scientist and designs big data analytic frameworks. His research and work experience has been focused in computer vision and machine learning, with special application in life sciences and cloud infra-structure. He has been teaching at ITU since January 2014.

Srinivasan Mandyam, PhD - Adjunct Faculty

Dr. Srinivasan Mandyam is an adjunct faculty member at ITU.

Tony Nguyen, MS - Adjunct Faculty

Architect, design, develop, and test security software for Cisco cloud security management products (Securty Service Exchange, ACI, Firewall Threat Defense, Adaptive Security Appliance, AnyConnect VPN, Cisco Secure Desktop, Cisco Security Manager). Work with security protocols such as SSL, IPsec, VPN.

Worked on a joint project with the De Anza College, SRI, and the NSF to develop materials for scenario-based learning for enterprise network security. I taught several network security courses using this new scenario-based methodology.

He received MS Computer Engineering, Santa Clara University, CA.

Da-Qi Ren, PhD - Adjunct Faculty

Dr. Da-Qi Ren has more than 14 years of experience in industry. His research focuses on data intensive computing, big data analytics, parallel and distributed processing, and HPC software design and optimization. Dr. Ren owns 11 patents, and has written more than 60 scientific publications. He received his PhD from McGill University and was a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Tokyo.

Zhupei Shi, PhD - Adjunct Faculty

Motivated, creative and versatile high-tech professional with a proven track record of innovations & technology leadership (46 US patents & 49 peer-reviewed papers). Intensive working experience and knowledge in area of data storage, data security, data integrity, data processing, data recovery, predictive data analytics, advanced algorithms & data structures, digital forensic technologies, network securities, model building & applied mathematics for cryptographic systems, Monte Carlo simulation to detect network/cyber security flaws, machine learning (classification & pattern recognitions). Hands-on JMP, SAS, Matlab, C/C++, Python, Hadoop, Spark, Scala etc.

He received PhD Physics, New York University, New York.

Richard Sun, PhD - Core Faculty

Richard Y. Sun received his M.S. and Ph.D. degrees in both computer science from Northwestern University and the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in 1989 and 1994, respectively. Ever since he obtained his Ph.D., he has been working in the algorithm design and software development for field-programmable gate-array (FPGA) place-and- route implementation tools for more than 20 years. The companies that he worked for include well-known FPGA companies such as Xilinx Inc. and Altera Corp., Lattice Semiconductor, a low-cost low-power FPGA vendor, and Tabula Inc., an innovative programmable logic device start-up. He currently holds an R&D Director position at Synopsys Inc., the leader in electronic design automation (EDA) and semiconductor intellectual property (IP).

Richard has published 13 technical papers in various prestigious journals and conference proceedings, including IEEE Transactions on Computer-Aided Design for Integrated Circuits and Systems, IEEE Design and Test of Computers, and Algorithmica. He also has 8 U.S. patents granted and 1 in application process. During his employment at Xilinx Inc., Richard was nominated for the Ross Freeman Award for technical innovation in both 2003 and 2004 and awarded for Design Software Division Employee Recognition Award for innovation in 2004.

Richard has been serving as a part-time teaching faculty member in the Department of Electrical Engineering at Santa Clara University, since 2007. The three courses he teaches are Physical Design in VLSI, High-Level Synthesis, and Semi-Custom Design using Programmable Logic Devices. They are all co-listed as part of the graduate-level curriculum in the Department of Computer Engineering at Santa Clara University. He is also teaching Computer Algorithms, Graph Algorithms and Applications at the graduate level in the Department of Computer Science at International Technological University.

Ming-Hwa Wang, PhD - Adjunct Faculty

Interest and experience in: Data Structures and Computer Algorithms, ComputerNetworks, Formal Languages and Compiler Constructions, Artificial Intelligence, Operating Systems, SoC Verification, Cloud Computing, Computer Graphics. Has programmed in a wide variety of languages including C, C++, Java, Perl, Python, Tcl/Tk, Erlang, SystemVerilog/OVM/DPI/Verilog/PLI/VPI, XML, HTML/CGI, OpenGL, Prolog, Lisp, Scheme, Smalltalk, Ada, Pascal and many others.

Alex Wu, PhD - Adjunct Faculty

Internally certified 6-sigma Master Black-Belt with >300 hours accrued training and problem-solving experience in design and reliability improvement, using techniques such as GR&R, DOE, and SPC charts. ASQ certified CRE/CQE (2012). 15 years hands-on industrial experience in Data Storage devices on design, system integration, and FA.

Self-motivated follower and driver to execute continuous improvement (PDCA cycle). Strong cross-functional team player, with effective project management and communication skills.

He received PhD Mechanical Engineering, UC San Diego, CA

Yurong Xu, PhD - Adjunct Faculty

His current research focuses on Wireless Sensor Networks, with an emphasis on protocols, architectures and applications in assistive environment, other interesting includes wireless systems, RFID, EKG monitoring, distributed security and time-synchronization protocols and systems.

He received PhD Computer Science, Dartmouth College, NH

Victor Yu, MA - Adjunct Faculty

Highly motivated manager, engineer and educator with result-oriented success in IT security design and implementation initiatives. His areas of expertise are in Cloud Computing, Network Security, Big Data, Security Regulatory and Product Management.

He received MA Geographical Information System from University of Akron, Akron, OH

Fang Yuan, PhD - Adjunct Faculty

In depth knowledge of statistical analysis and modeling, with strong emphasis in DOE, SPC, Time Series, Data Mining (linear regression, logistic regression, decision tree, regression tree, Neural network,CHAID); Multivariate analysis (Clustering Analysis, Principle Component Analysis etc.).

Extensive software knowledge in SAS/Enterprise Miner 5.2, Minitab, JMP. Expanded programming skills in SAS/BASE, SAS/SQL, SAS/Macro, SAS/GRAPH, R, MATLAB, Maple, FORTRAN, C etc.

She received PhD Applied Statistics, University of Alabama, AL

Digital Arts Faculty

Jake Wachtel - Department Chair


Jake Wachtel has been producing, writing and directing for television, film and new media for over a decade. An award-winning international journalist and producer, Jake began his career as a news producer reporter for Tokyo Broadcasting System (TBS), CBS’ partner in Japan. He has covered stories across the Americas, lived for two years in Japan and speaks Japanese. His coverage includes presidential elections, social issues in South America, the Academy Awards and the Olympics.

Jake has interviewed an array of celebrities from Christina Aguilera to Bill Gates and as a hard news producer he received the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences Citation for coverage of 9/11.

Jake runs No Worries Entertainment (NWE), a company that produces content and develops programming for domestic and international clients.

Prior to founding NWE, he was an Executive Producer for NBC Universal. He has produced and directed documentaries and independent features as well as the comedic sports current affairs show Sports Soup for E! Studios. He was also a producer for CNBC’s Dennis Miller show and developed, directed and produced programs for Zee TV’s Veria Network, including its tentpole series The Incurables.

A CORO Fellow in Public Affairs, he serves on the Media Advisory Boards of Santa Monica College and the Claremont Colleges. He is a member of the Writers Guild and the International Press Academy.

Jonali Bhattacharyya - Adjunct Faculty

Jonali Bhattacharyya, is a highly successful and award-winning Educator, Animator and Creative Director with a background in animation production and curriculum development over twelve years of experience in Games and Higher Education.

Stacey Houghton - Adjunct Faculty


Stacey Houghton is a seasoned UX professional with extensive experience in Information Architecture, Interaction Design, Visual Design and UI Development/Design. Her keen design sense and innovative spirit inspires her to create engaging, intuitive and visually stunning designs. Within her diverse portfolio, she showcases her ability to generate effective web solutions for a variety of clients.

Her professional background in working with and creating corporate branding material allows her to effectively convey the intended message to the intended target audience, quickly. She has always sought to deliver the utmost in originally professional work.

“I inspire to be inspired. I create in the hopes of creating a more functional interaction between users and machines.” – Stacey Houghton

Gokce Kasikci - Adjunct Faculty


Gokce Kasikci received her MFA in multimedia from San Diego State University. She has worked in video, photography, digital media, art installations, and higher education. She has had two one person shows and several multi-artist shows in San Diego, California and Turkey.

Gokce taught art classes at San Diego State University, Packaging and design at the Art Institute, and now teaching digital design at ITU. Gokce brings years of industry experience as she has worked with professionals from a variety of industries including biomedical, MEMS, architecture firms, and small businesses.

Dave Lo - Core Faculty

Chris Pertrocchi - Adjunct Faculty

Tom Rubalcava - Adjunct Faculty

Tom Rubalcava began his career as Art Director on a series of independent feature films in the San Francisco Bay Area from 1982 to 1990. He was also recognized for his sculpting skills and ability to design for prosthetic make up and physical effects. It was on Commercial Pictures/Zoetrope’s 1988 release of Live-Action Feature ‘Clownhouse’ that Tom wore the hats of concept designer, storyboard artist and effects designer. His main role as Art Director on the project wasn’t his only credit – he was also credited in the make-up effects category.

Tom’s sculpting talent brought him to Premavision, Inc. in Sausilito, CA and the ‘Gumby Adventures’ television series in 1987. He was hired on the spot to head up the main character department. Soon after having reorganized the department, he was promoted to design and sculpt props and additional stop-motion characters. After 1 1/2 years of Tom’s departure to television production, Premavision kept a small crew on board to produce the ‘The Gumby Movie.’ It was on this project that Tom migrated back to feature work, giving him the chance to revisit 2D FX animation that he had trained for years before under then Don Bluth Studios’ veteran Bruce Heller.

In 1991, Tom joined the team at Colossal Pictures to continue his stint with similar materials called for in stop-motion design. He sculpted and prop finished on a series of ‘Nabisco’ and ‘Pillsburry’ television commercials headed up by Director Henry Selick. Later, he joined the Colossal animation department. For the 9 years that followed, Tom assisted and animated on numerous animation projects and eventually, he was elevated to Animation Director status. He debuted in this new role, heading up an animation crew for COKE ‘Watch’, a Clio Award winning Coca Cola television commercial. Tom continued to help develop Colossal’s mixed media Blendo technique until the studio closed its doors in August of 1999.

Once the gloomy fog cleared after the closure of one of the world’s premier animation studios, and a short freelance foray at Wild brain, Inc, Tom co-founded the animation boutique, Way Out West with the talented Animator Ricardo Barahona. For nearly 3 years, the small crew continued to generate diverse works for a dozen or so companies from around the U.S., which included, Turner Learning, Atlanta GA., Frog Design Inc. SF., Multimedia Games Inc., Dallas TX., Macromedia, SF., Calpine, Mendocino, CA., Clicksafety, Oakland, CA., Sun Microsystems, Santa Clara, CA. and Drumbeat Digital, NY, New York, to name a few.

Tom joined the dynamic and diversely talented Maverix Studios group in 2002 and became a principal partner of the LLC in July 0f 2003. The company continued to provide quality production art and animation until the studio’s closure in September of 2011. Clients included Iwin, Inc., Leap Frog, Intuit, Super Secret and more. Tom is now freelancing as a Designer, Director, Animator and Storyboard artist.

Shanan L. Sabin - Adjunct Faculty

Shanan has 15 years of leadership and strategic experience across CPG, tech, digital media publishing companies, and the military.

Shanan’s expertise ranges in the areas of Global Market & Brand Strategy, Consumer & Product Research: Quantitative and Qualitative Methodologies, Integrated Campaigns: Agency Selection & Management, Media Strategy & Analysis, Technology & Analytics: SEO, Website Development, Programmatic, and CRM, Modeling & Forecasting.

He graduated with a Bachelors in Economics from Claremont McKenna College, and an MBA from University of Southern California.

Michael Snyder - Adjunct Faculty

Michael Snyder is a journalist, editor, broadcaster, educator, screenwriter, and animation developer who splits his time between Los Angeles and San Francisco. After leaving his longtime position as entertainment critic/nightlife columnist for the San Francisco Chronicle to co-develop the Cinemachine movie-review search engine for Sonicnet/MTV Interactive, he moved from a terrestrial radio gig at KITS-FM to join the on-air team at Sirius/XM Satellite Radio’s Sirius/XM Left channel where he reviewed new films and covered pop-culture on “The Alex Bennett Program” every Friday morning. He subsequently returned to terrestrial radio as a critic and pundit on Pacifica Radio/KPFK’s “David Feldman Show,” which is syndicated in various American markets and can be downloaded as a podcast from iTunes. Michael is also the host, writer, and producer of “Michael Snyder’s Culture Blast,” a weekly online show covering the best in cinema, television, pop music, comedy, comic books, and web content.

On the print front, he is the film reviewer and columnist-at-large for the Marina Times in San Francisco and editor-in-chief and film columnist of Bon Voyage – an English-language family-travel magazine published in Brussels, Belgium for the European market. Currently consulting on film and TV projects in Hollywood, he was part of the creative team that developed the CW network’s cartoon series “Eon Kid” and has done television series development for WildBrain Animation, Wild Hare Studios, Storytime Pictures and Alligator Planet. He co-authored the scenario to the ballet “Lear” — featuring a score composed by former Police drummer Stewart Copeland — for the San Francisco Ballet. Michael also co-wrote songs for the legendary theatrical rock band the Tubes, including the top-40 hit “Tip of My Tongue” and the Halloween perennial “Attack of the 50-Foot Woman.” In addition, Michael was an editor for the ground-breaking online music publication Addicted to Noise; on-air commentator over CNET Radio; nightlife editor for San Francisco Focus magazine; and contributing writer for San Francisco magazine. Plus, he has written for such publications as Salon, GEO, High Times, Creem, and the British pop-music weekly New Musical Express.

Katherine Sweetman - Adjunct Faculty

Katherine Sweetman is an award-winning content creator whose work has been on several media outlets such as Time Warner, and Cox, and Charter Communications and distributed globally at major film festivals. Her work has also been showcased in galleries and museums, including The Getty Center, Los Angeles.

Katherine produced, directed and edited 3D and 4k content for film and television distribution at Passmore Lab, where she created and directed the award-wining series, Road to the Cage 3D, a tell-all sports documentary series.

Katherine has taught courses on visual culture and media at the University of California, San Diego, San Diego State University, and California State University, San Marcos, among others.

Katherine has an MFA in Visual and Performing Arts from the University of California, San Diego, a BA in Arts and Technology from California State University, a certificate from the New School University, and a second MFA in Film and TV Production from The School of Cinematic Arts, University of Southern California.

Allen White - Adjunct Faculty

Allen White is a filmmaker, screenwriter, and film journalist from San Francisco. He has authored film criticism and history and interviewed cinema luminaries for numerous publications, including Film Threat. For, he ran one of the first major websites for screenwriting education and information, and he has been a screenplay consultant for numerous clients. He has done TV series development for WildBrain Animation, Wild Hare Studios, Storytime Pictures and Alligator Planet. Allen has been a programmer for the San Francisco Independent Film Festival (SF IndieFest) and the San Francisco Documentary Film Festival (SF DocFest). He wrote the original screenplay for the 2001 feature film Me & Mrs. Jones, starring Kim Fields, released on DVD, which screened at numerous festivals and won several awards; the film featured a score by D’Wayne Wiggins of Tony! Toni! Toné! and included vocals from Alicia Keys and India.Arie. He has directed, shot, and edited numerous short web films, documentaries, and narratives. Allen currently publishes the webcomic Filth Biscuit.

Electrical & Computer Engineering Faculty

Dr. John Kim - Department Chair


Friday 2:00 PM – 4:00 PM

Dr. JeongHee Kim is a core professor at ITU. He also works as an adjunct faculty at San Jose State University. Previously, he served as a Senior Engineer of Software Verification at Broadcom, a District Manager at Panasonic, and a Consultant for Electronics, Telecommunications Research Institute (ETRI), Sybersay Communications, and Bell Labs in Lucent Tech. His research experience is in algorithm development of noise reduction, system optimization, performance analysis, and adaptive filtering process.

Dr. Kim holds a PhD in electrical engineering from New Mexico State University, where his thesis covered stereophonic acoustic echo cancellation, Bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering from the University of Kansas and his Master of Science degree in Electrical Engineering from West Coast University.

Dr. John Ladasky - Adjunct Faculty and Research Scientist in the Bioelectronics Research Lab


Dr. John Ladasky serves as a faculty member and research scientist at ITU, and is also the founder of a biotechnology startup, Blind Watchmaker LLC. His areas of interest include biological instrumentation, spectroscopy, computational chemistry, and immunology.

Prior to attending graduate school, he worked at Becton Dickinson Biosciences on the research and development of novel medical instrumentation. Dr. Ladasky is an author on six peer-reviewed scientific publications in the fields of biological instrumentation, immunology, and evolutionary biology. His work at Becton Dickinson resulted in a patent for a novel method for measuring fluorescence lifetimes in biological systems.

He earned his PhD from the Graduate Program in Immunology at Stanford University. His dissertation and publications concerned the immunology of owl monkeys, an important laboratory animal in malaria research. As a postdoctoral fellow at Johns Hopkins University, Dr. Ladasky published novel findings concerning a mechanism used by the human immune system to identify foreign proteins. Dr. Ladasky received his bachelor degree in biochemistry from the University of California at Berkeley.

Dr. Faramarz Mortezaie - Adjunct Faculty

Dr. Faramarz Mortezaie is an adjunct faculty member at ITU.

Dr. Ammar Rayes - Adjunct Faculty

Dominik Schmidt - Adjunct Faculty and Director of Bioelectronics Research Lab

Wednesday 6:00 PM – 9:00 PM Friday 6:00 PM – 9:00 PM

Ted Sun, PhD - Adjunct Faculty

Dr. Ted Sun is an adjunct faculty member at ITU. He previously served as an engineer at Integrated Device Technology, and Cadence where he developed design flows on both frontend and backend systems with a focus on design optimization, chip reliability, noise analysis, yield-awareness routing. He is also well experienced on EDA tools and system administration. His research has been featured in statistical electro-migration analysis on chip reliability and failure prediction.

Dr. Sun received his PhD in electrical engineering from Santa Clara University, Bachelor’s degree in Atmospheric Physics from the National Central University, Master’s in Management Science from University of Dayton.

Qing Zhu, PhD - Adjunct Faculty

Dr. Qing Zhu splits his time working at ITU and as a full-time CAD Manager at eveRAM Technology Inc. He is a professional in CAD methodology, EDA tools for VLSI high-speed, and affordable low-power chips. He began his career in 1995 working for Intel as their Senior CAD engineer, SanDisk as CAD Manager and Senior Staff CAD engineer, and several semiconductor startups. Dr. Zhu currently is the CAD Manager for Spin Transfer Technologies in Fremont, CA running the CAD/IT environment and automation/EDA flows for MRAM chips.

He has published many technical papers and holds six US patents. His technical contributions include a new balanced clock routing algorithm, a novel chip and package co-design strategy, an iterative optimization algorithm for delay-constrained minimum-cost routing, and a low-voltage swing clock distribution scheme. He is also a senior member of IEEE.

Dr. Zhu received his PhD in Computer Engineering from University of California, Santa Cruz, Master in electrical Engineering and his Bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering from China.

Engineering Management Faculty

Dr. Frank Aguilera - Department Chair


Dr. Frank Aguilera is a senior engineer at NASA. His 40 plus year career has included positions in private industry and Department of Defense. His varied assignments have been as a researcher for technology developments and as manager of various state-of-the-art technologies and aircraft developments.

Early in his career he worked in wind-tunnel and flight test experiments of various advanced aircraft. In his mid-career he conducted operational testing of GPS receivers during initial constellation deployment. And he managed the development of an experimental aircraft. Most recently he has been involved in drone developments and associated autonomy research. One of his responsibilities at NASA includes overseeing aircraft airworthiness and flight safety.

Dr. Aguilera has been teaching at ITU for several years in both the DBA and MBA programs. Dr. Aguilera is a member of the following professional associations, American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA) and Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE).

Yacoub Elziq, PhD - Adjunct Faculty

Dr. Yacoub Elziq is an independent Computer Engineering Consultant, Educator, and Technical Trainer. He is the owner of Jimzu Technologies, a specialized in SoC (System on Chip) Design, Verification, and Test Automation company. Also, he has taught both graduate and undergraduate courses as an Adjunct Professor with SCU (Santa Clara University), UC Santa Cruz, and UMUC (The University of Maryland University College) in both computer design and computer cybersecurity. His current areas of research are in advanced machine learning, Deep learning and AI with applications in engineering and business. He holds US patent and has many IEEE-sponsored Journal and Conference publications. Dr. Elziq’s business career involves being a founder, CEO, CTO, Consultant, and/or senior manager for several successful startup companies in the fields of computer design automation, medical imaging, and cybersecurity.

Bhairav Mehta - Adjunct Faculty

Prof. Mehta in an experienced engineer and seasoned statistician with 11 years of professional experience in data analytics, operations and high tech / automotive industry. He had extensive education with Master degree in Industrial Engineering, Statistics along with Master of Business Administration (MBA) from Cornell University. He is passionate about statistics, quality, analytics and operations.

He also has an extensive industrial experience. He has worked for Ford Motor Company and Luminus Devices Inc as industrial statistician, Qualcomm Inc as senior yield engineer and now as the senior iPhone analyst engineer for Apple Inc. Prof. Mehta is also a certified quality engineer of ASQ (American Society for Quality).

Alexander Peters, PhD - Core Faculty

5:00PM – 6:00PM

Dr. Peters has more than 35 years of professional experience as technology manager, industry analyst, IT management consultant and scientist. At ITU he teaches Principles of Engineering Management, Organization Behavior and Management Consulting. Dr. Peters is also a volunteer docent at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, CA.

Dr. Peters’ previous work experience includes positions as:

  • Principal analyst at Forrester Research, where he produced industry research on IT trends, strategies, organization and change management for CIOs and business process professionals
  • Interim manager and program executive at AUDI, where he lead the data center operations and drove the IT consolidation program for European locations
  • Principal consultant at EDS and IBM, where he delivered over 40 IT consulting projects to several clients across the European Union
  • Research scientist at IBM, Princeton University and Aachen University of Technology in Germany, where he developed several hydrology and structural mechanics applications on supercomputer

Dr. Peters published over 50 industry research reports under and more than 25 research papers in refereed journals and conference proceedings. He has a MSc. (Summa Cum Laude) in Engineering from the Civil Engineering Institute in Bucharest, Romania and a PhD (Magna cum Laude) in Civil Engineering from Aachen University of Technology. Following the PhD thesis, Dr. Peters was awarded a NATO/DAAD grant and was appointed visiting fellow for one year at Princeton University.

Jeremy Tzeng, PhD - Adjunct Faculty

Dr. Tzeng got his MS and Ph.D in EECS from University of California, Berkeley.

He has extensive industrial experience. In his early career he worked for Rockwell International and Bell Labs as engineer scientist. Then he became director of wireless communications, Alfa Inc., and then director of InnoMedia Technology Inc. Afterwards he worked as VP of Communications Division, Ali, Taiwan, as Special Assistant to the President, Communications Business Group of Foxconn and as VP of Technology, InnoMedia Inc.

Dr. Tzeng was awarded 5 US patents. He was also the editor of IEEE Transactions on Communications.

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