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At ITU, we partner with industry professionals to teach and mentor graduate students in engineering, business, technology, and digital arts. Fundamental to our mission, our engaging staff are committed to providing excellent service and helping build a global organization.

We are looking for talented people who are excited by challenges, seek growth, and prioritize learning. If you’d like to join our growing team, please send a detailed resume, cover letter, and completed Employment Application to

Student On-Campus Jobs

Interested in applying for job opportunities on campus?

Here’s a quick snapshot of some of the different roles:

Student Assistants: Student Assistants perform administrative duties, such as making photocopies and other classroom errands, as well as helping the Student Information Desk as greeters and campus tour guides. They are hired and managed by the Student Information Desk.

TA/Tutors: TAs and Tutors are assigned to a specific course. The TA/Tutor must have received an A in that course and maintain a 3.8 GPA. The student cannot be currently enrolled in the course for which they TA. Academic duties include tasks such as uploading course materials into EMS, tutoring, and holding office hours. TAs cannot proctor exams or guest lectures; all TA work must be done on campus. TA/Tutors are jointly hired and managed by Professor and Academic Counselors.

Note: Students who are currently on academic probation OR are currently working off-campus under CPT or OPT are not eligible to hold on-campus jobs.

If you’d like to apply for a student on-campus job, please send your detailed cover letter and resume to

If the position you want is not listed here, please check back at a later time.

Current Student On-Campus Job Openings:

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