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Master of Business Administration

                                                       – Shanghai Program

Stay on the pulse of change; discover new ideas, develop business communication skills to shape your industry, and make data-informed leadership decisions through the ITU MBA program. ITU’s MBA program helps prepare you to keep ahead in today’s changing environment by providing a solid core of business innovation knowledge, along with skills and practical experiences that prepare you to lead the most current and emerging trends.

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ITU courses and concentrations help you unlock your career potential through core courses for a lifetime of leadership, coursework that explores the latest technology and trends taught by industry leaders, practical industry experiences to apply your new knowledge and skills, and through team and capstone projects that demonstrate your readiness for leadership.

ITU’s MBA programs data 2019-2020 academic year


Graduation Rate: MBA - General


Attrition Rate Average for the MBA program


Graduation Rate: MBA - Business Analytics


Persistence Average


Graduation Rate: MBA - HealthCare Management


Retention Average

Curriculum, Program Structure and Admissions Requirements


Program Requirements
Required Courses
  • 3 Core Courses (9 credit hours)
  • Capstone course – Project or Thesis (3 credit hours)
  • Internship know more
  • Nugget courses (up to 3 credit hours)
    • ITU Presents (1 credit hour)
    • ITU Nuggets (2 credit hours)
Elective Courses: 23 credit hours

Elective courses may include one or more of the following (a, b, c):

(a)    Internship: Click here to know more
(b)    Cross Disciplinary course: Up to 3 credit hours
(c)    Transfer Credits: Up to 9 credit hours from a graduate program of a regionally accredited university

39 Total Credit Hours

Core Courses
  • MGT 503 Organizational Leadership Theories; AND
  • FIN 534 Financial and Economic Analysis; AND
  • MIS 527 Technology and Operations Management: Creating Value; OR
  • BUA 500 Principles of Business Analytics (Required for Business Analytics, and Financial Analysis and Risk Management Concentrations, instead of MIS 527)

You have the option to choose a “general” MBA or an MBA concentration. ITU provides the following concentrations that prepare you with specialized skills and knowledge:

  • Business Analytics (with a STEM option)
  • Economics Business and Development
  • Enterprise Resource Planning
  • Financial Analysis and Risk Management
  • Global Entertainment Management
  • Healthcare Management
  • MBA (General)
  • Management Information Systems
  • Project Management
Inbound and Outbound Exams

Beginning Spring 2016, all new students are required to take the Inbound and Outbound exams with Peregrine Academic Services. These exams are REQUIRED not OPTIONAL.

Learn more about the MBA Peregrine inbound/outbound exams here.

Admission Requirements

Application Form
Completed application form online (

Upload a copy of their valid passport

Statement of Purpose
In essay format between 500 to 750 words.  The SOP should address the applicant’s reasons for seeking the doctoral degree and how this program will advance his/her personal and career goals.

Provide a copy of their most recent resume

Letters of Recommendation
Letter of recommendation or HR letter or Board Letter.

Official Transcript
It can be waived if you have at least 8 years of working experience with 5 years at the managerial level. *Proof of work experience required*

Letter of Authentication
Stamped/e-Signed “Letter of Authentication” from GEG representative confirming the authentication of the documents provided by their student. 



should apply

At ITU, you will be able to take advantage of:

  • Seasoned industry experts, who come from companies like NASA, HP, and Pfizer.
  • A program designed to teach you the practical skills needed to supplement your education, and maximize your career prospects.
  • Flexible night and weekend class schedules, and online course offerings that allow you to continue your career while furthering your education.

Interested? Contact and apply today!

Contact ITU Shanghai Office

Learning Outcomes

Through your study in the MBA program, you will have the opportunity to learn cutting edge knowledge and skills that blend technological focus and traditional management practice. Examples of skills you will learn through your program are as follows:

  • Leadership and Management in a variety of industries, and organizational settings,
  • Technical and computer skills as applied to data-driven decision making,
  • Practical reasoning skills to efficiently study, create, apply, and assess the collected information,
  • Analytical/Quantitative, Innovative and Critical thinking Skills,
  • Collaboration and Interpersonal Communication,
  • Innovative and Entrepreneurial Skills for a Rapidly Changing Environment 
  • Industry specific knowledge.

You can also customize your learning through an MBA without any concentrations, and earn industry relevant certificates and certifications.

Program Learning Outcomes

All PLOs are mapped to the relevant ILOs and contained within parentheses. Upon completion of this program, graduates will:

PLO 1: Evaluate information to find solutions for business challenges using the cognitive processes of observation, reflection, analysis, conclusion and practice. [Mapped to ILO 1, 2]

PLO 2: Illustrate effective communication in written and oral formats. [Mapped to ILO 3]

PLO 3: Assemble teams for business projects using effective group dynamics.  [Mapped to ILO 4]

PLO 4: Evaluate and synthesize business practice by applying technical and research skills to analyze complex data, understand theories, and create hypotheses. [Mapped to ILO 5, 6]

PLO 5: Outline and demonstrate sound ethical and socially responsible behavior. [Mapped to ILO 7]

Assessment reports: