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The mission of ITU is to foster excellence in education for students particularly interested in the high-tech entrepreneurial field. All our programs have an applied nature, with an emphasis on specialty areas tailored to the market needs of Silicon Valley companies.

Institutional Mission

ITU pioneers a modern, industry-focused educational model to deliver education globally. ITU’s educational pedagogy cultivates innovative thinking, ethical leadership, and entrepreneurial spirit through practical, industry relevant curriculum that reflects Silicon Valley’s culture. ITU closes the employment skills gap and empowers people to lead successful, enriching lives as meaningful contributors to the global community. Students are actively encouraged to affiliate or intern with relevant local industry firms from the very beginning of their academic studies as an integral part of ITU’s academic pedagogy.



To empower people and advance global prosperity through inventive, industry-linked Silicon Valley education.

The hallmarks of an ITU education include:

A special focus on practical engineering, business, biotech, and media arts research projects.

Relevant internships integrated into academic programs from the beginning of a student’s tenure.

Multicultural awareness through the international exchange of scholars and students from locations around the globe.

Systemically designed, competency-based courses that utilize innovative instructional methods.

Cross-disciplinary curriculum that encourages students to look beyond their own fields and generate new possibilities.

Programs that meet the high standards of both the ITU Advisory Board, which consists of prominent Silicon Valley industry leaders, and the WASC Senior College and University Commission (WSCUC)*.


Credit Hour Policy

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Policies & Regulations

Institutional Effectiveness and Assessment (IEA)

The Department of Institutional Effectiveness & Assessment serves the ITU community and external constituents by providing data and analytics related to students, faculty, staff, programs, finances, and policies.

The IEA department conducts research and analysis to obtain data that promotes best practices across the ITU community. This data is officially reported to various state and federal agencies, as well as accreditation agencies and the general public.


Problem Solving

Critical Thinking



Technical Literacy




ITU is among the institutions in the U.S. Department of Education’s database of recognized institutions of higher learning and the Council for Higher Education Accreditation’s Listing of Accredited and Candidate Institutions (CHEA).

Leadership & History

ITU was founded in 1994 by Dr. Shu-Park Chan, the founding father of Silicon Valley hi-tech engineering education, to be the world’s first global network university model. In mid-2005, Professor Chan’s son, Yau-Gene Chan, joined ITU as Executive Vice President to run ITU and carry forth the family’s vision.

Strategic Plan

Our five-year plan was created as a blueprint to strengthen ITU’s performance and drive ITU for the next five years. The Strategic Plan is built upon ITU’s mission, vision, and community values and offers an approach to help ITU foster sustainable growth and development in today’s dynamic environment.