Episode 15: Diversity in Job Placement


Afshan Muneer, an ITU Alumni, has 16 years of experience in business process management, research and development, staffing services, IT placement, mentoring, marketing and advertising, as well as business set-ups in leading clients like Apple, Google, Symantec, etc. to jobseekers. She served direct consulting and services to businesses such as Tala Consulting, Canvas Infotech, Symantec, Google, and to her own company, Solutions Inc. With years of experience, she has realized that there’s nothing more fulfilling than giving back to her community with the best of knowledge and information in helping in career and job searches. She works end-to-end in giving knowledge transfer to job seekers and hiring managers in the marketplace and understands the gap between the job offered and what skill sets are offered to those who need the job.


ITU Presents is back with our guest speaker Tom Borowski talks about Dreamworks Animation.