ITU Has Moved!

Written by Harshitha Mudduluru

December 10, 2020

To ITU Students, Faculty and Staff,

ITU has moved! We are excited to share our new address, starting April 1, 2020, which is:

International Technological University
3120 Scott Blvd
Santa Clara, CA 95054-1838

Please call our main phone number, which remains the same: +1 (888) 488-4968

As of December 10th, the phone numbers have changed also:

Local: (408) 733-1623
Toll-Free: (833) 637-0866
Or email ITU at info@itu.ed

Due to Shelter-in-Place regulations, please call us, or email the department with your requests:

You may also wish to submit a support ticket at

Any document requests will be sent through the postal mail. Please contact

Students should attend all Spring classes via Zoom links provided by professors. Attendance for all classes is still required and will be taken by faculty during the virtual class times.


ITU Leadership

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