Yue Yang

Written by Harshitha Mudduluru

October 27, 2020


Yue Yang
M.S. Digital Arts, ’19

Yue’s unique background in architecture and human-computer interaction provides a fresh interdisciplinary look at product design for the modern era. After taking courses at ITU, she was able to combine her current skill set with her new found skills in application building to leverage in her search for a startup career. Over the past three years, Yue has worked in different team-oriented environments and has been exposed to some of the most cutting-edge products out in the market. In these fast-paced, multicultural, and interdisciplinary projects, she provided expert advice to customers on product design and requirements, integrated cross-platform technologies, and developed with creative solutions.

Her professional experience includes roles such as Architectural Designer, Research / Designer for Suprastudio in LA, Design Engineer for Plug and Play Tech Center in Sunnyvale, CA, and currently as a Product Design for Sous Chef. In her current role, she designed and implemented a full mobile app UX prototype for Sous Chef by utilizing agile project management tools to iterate sketches and design to improve user experience. She holds a Bachelors in engineering from Shanghai University and a Master of Architecture from UCLA.

"In the short 3-month course, I was able to build simple applications, know the flow and pipeline, starting from scratch to the final mobile product. Learning this pipeline and workflow helped me find a job at a start up company."

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