Brenda Aguilar Rice

Written by Harshitha Mudduluru

September 25, 2020


Brenda Aguilar Rice
M.S. in Digital Arts ’18 ITU Alumni

Brenda Aguilar Rice is a well-rounded designer who’s held various creative roles within the textile, healthcare, and architect industries. She’s a flexible, focused, and detailed oriented professional specializing in design research, programming, conceptualization, space planning, volumetric thinking, design development, decorative elements selection, and presentation quality renderings. She served as a Digital Media Intern at Epic Church of San Francisco as part of her internship program here at ITU, capturing the stories and testimonials of the church community. After completion of her internship, she was offered the part-time role as their Video Storyteller at Epic.

Ms. Rice is also founder of Zoi and Light Studio, whose mission is to provide dynamic video storytelling services for nonprofit organizations and entrepreneurs trying to gain exposure and entry into the market. She holds an MS in Digital Arts.

After my first documentary course with professor Allen White, I just fell in love with filmmaking. He encouraged me to go further and that’s where my life took a turn. My internship with Epic Church San Francisco as their video storyteller opened many doors for me and I was offered to stay on as their part-time video storyteller while starting my own business. I love being in Silicon Valley where all this digital technology is born. Enrolling in the Digital Arts program was a good challenge and best fit for me.

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