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This course offers students an engaging introduction and hands-on practice in the fundamental areas of human-centered user experience (UX) design and demonstrates their creative problem-solving skills by building a design portfolio across a range of UX / UI projects throughout the course.

Why Should I Learn UI/UX

  • This will help you to learn to develop compelling user experiences that are good for designers, engineers, information architects, writers, sociologists, and entrepreneurs
  • You will able to create successful, innovative web, print and packaging design solutions
  • You will be able to learn multidisciplinary design thinking approach, used to strengthen familiar, often undervalued, skills
  • If you have no previous UI/UX background and want to start a career in UI/ UX, you will learn the basic principles and practices that will help you in your current career or will help you change your career
  • UI/ UX Designers earns an average of $110, 000 in a year!


Cost: $6100

Total Required: 3 Courses. You are required to complete both the UI/UX and the Dynamic UX Courses and select one of the following electives: Design Fundamentals, Web Graphic Design, Basic Image Manipulation, Motion Graphics, Storyboard Design

Duration: A full-time student can complete the certificate in 4-12 months.

Stacey Houghton


Stacey Houghton is a seasoned UX professional with extensive experience in Information Architecture, Interaction Design, Visual Design, and UI Development/Design. Her keen design sense and innovative spirit inspire her to create engaging, intuitive, and visually stunning designs. Within her diverse portfolio, she showcases her ability to generate effective web solutions for a variety of clients. More info…

Gokce Kasikci


Gokce Kasikci received her MFA in multimedia from San Diego State University. She has worked in video, photography, digital media, art installations, and higher education. She has had two one-person shows and several multi-artist shows in San Diego, California, and Turkey. More info…



This course offers students an engaging introduction and hands-on practice in the fundamental areas of human-centered user experience (UX) design. This course will explore design-thinking strategies ranging from behavioral psychology basics to techniques for user research, design ideation, rapid prototyping, and usability evaluations. Students will learn how to gather and translate user needs into clear and responsive user interface (UI) solutions. Students will demonstrate their creative problem-solving skills by building a design portfolio across a range of UX / UI projects throughout the course. 

Dynamic UX(Required)

This course will explore how web technologies are making it easier for websites to become more interactive and behave more like native applications. Students will learn to identify and improve static web designs through the use of dynamic web content, make web pages more interactive without sacrificing usability or accessibility, learn how to deal with touch-screen devices, and learn to give on-screen feedback effectively.


Electives (take one)

Design Fundamentals

This course blends classical visual language fundamentals with project-based design learning applicable to the media and tech industries. Students will learn how to apply core principles of typography, color, and composition to digital products. The emphasis of the course on design 98 methodologies in both theory and practice are instrumental in improving design performance, problem-solving skills, and making students into better designers. Course projects will enable students to build a portfolio of digital design solutions across mobile, web, games, or film. 

Web Graphic Design

This course provides students with instruction in graphic editing software. Projects will use tools, layers, and filters to design, edit and create digital images for the Web, apps, and digital and interactive media. Topics covered will include: Basic Web design tenets, Using color effectively, Understanding fonts, Designing navigation, Creating graphics that don’t distract from your site and Using multimedia (sound, animation, and other media) on your site. 

Basic Image Manipulation

In this modern digital age, the basic principles of photography have not changed. But the tools and techniques of how we arrive at our final image continue to evolve. This class will introduce students to the principles of photography and then explore the tools and aesthetics employed by professionals and amateurs alike to alter or enhance their images. Techniques and skills acquired will then be applied to projects. This class will require a laptop or tablet that can handle the specifications of the software Adobe Photoshop. 

Motion Graphics

This course will explore the fundamental principles of motion graphics, which blend art and technology to create dynamic visuals for the screen. Students will become familiar with the processes of creating effective animated graphics, suitable for broadcast, films, titles, or commercials. One will learn to create engaging visual imagery, generate unique ideas, and apply color palettes that support a concept. This course will teach students advanced techniques of motion graphics creation through the use of software programs utilized by design and animation companies worldwide. 


Step1: Take Courses

UI/UX Certificate Program is a series of courses that helps you master a skill. To begin, enroll in the UI/UX Certificate Program. You may choose to start with one course or take all three courses to finish the certificate program.

Step 2: Hands-on Project

Every course includes a hands-on project. You’ll need to successfully finish the project(s) to complete the course and earn your certificate. 

Step3: Earn a UI/UX Certificate

When you finish every course and complete the hands-on project, you’ll earn a Certificate that you can share with prospective employers and your professional network.

Department Chair

Jake Wachtel

Jake Wachtel has media and entertainment industry experience including both the creative and production side of content creation. 

Jake is an award-winning international journalist, he earned the Foreign News Desk Award and recognition from the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences

Jake has worked as a producer, writer, and director on a range of projects for numerous media companies including NBCUniversal, DreamWorksTV, and TBS. 

Jake currently serves as the Department Chair of Digital Arts and Production at ITU. 

Jake Wachtel’s work as a Hollywood executive and thought leader in Silicon Valley positions him at the nexus of entertainment and technology.


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