Silicon Valley never stops changing. The faster you adapt, the more opportunities you can get. Nuggets are ITU’s response to match the speed of change in the Tech Industry, giving you the competitive edge needed to succeed.

The typical university takes about 2 years to approve a new course or approve a change to an existing one. By the time the approval happens, the information may be already obsolete, and the market already moved to something new. ITU aims to be a fast-moving, cutting edge tech organization, offering short term courses that can be taken in our Nugget structure – that are approved and offered as fast as the speed of the tech industry’s innovation.



15hrs                                                           CREDIT

The Nugget was designed for maximum flexibility to match Silicon Valley industry changes as they emerge. With the Nugget structure, one credit is formed by 3 nuggets.

What you
can do with the nugget structure

Learn from the best
minds in Silicon Valley
Nuggets highlight ITU’s unique culture, crossing from academia to industry. Nuggets comprise modules of content, following the same structured and quality assessment aspects of ITU course content. Nuggets represent the equivalent of only one-third of a single credit unit, which is 5 lecture hours (or 10 lab hours or 15 practicum hours). Nuggets can be offered at any time during the year, in an online and/or in-class format of delivery.

Take a short course to quickly adapt to an emerging trend
ITU Presents is a new Nugget Course required as part of ITU’s curriculum, delivered in a series of five one hour presentations that occur every three weeks during the course of one trimester. ITU Presents includes speakers who are thought leaders and innovators in the Silicon Valley Industry, presenting a variety of topics such as Entrepreneurship, Innovations in Silicon Valley, Emerging Technologies and more.

Gain flexibility with internship start and end dates
Internships are an integral part of the learning experience at ITU. However, each company has a hiring process and its own dates – that don’t always align with a University’s course calendar, causing students to miss out on incredible opportunities. With Nuggets, ITU students have more flexibility to move the start and end dates, increasing the chances the schedule will work out and the opportunity won’t be lost.

New Nuggets

Want to learn about the future of sustainability on a large scale? Join PhD Stefan Al for this Nugget course and have your finger on the pulse of whats new in designing sustainable buildings and cities.