Student Success Center

The Student Success Center provides the opportunity for non-native speakers of English to develop the tools and skills necessary to succeed in academic and professional environments.

This program challenges the student to produce accurate and fluent English when speaking and writing. The program uses a student centered approach to learning while integrating the skills of speaking, listening, reading, writing and grammar. Instructors will also focus on pronunciation and vocabulary expansion to assist the student in producing clear and effective communications.

The Student Success Center partners with other ITU services to provide English language support through a variety of additional activities.

Student Success Classes

The Student Success classes are usually offered during the day. The schedule and number of offerings of these classes is modified every term according to the number of students enrolled and their English language goals. Students are asked to take placement exams at the beginning of the term and the classes usually last the full length of the term.

The Student Success classes focus on speaking, listening, presentation, reading comprehension, writing, and critical thinking skills. Every term we engage in a Career section in which interviewing skills, resume and cover letter writing skills are enhanced. In addition, we learn how to communicate across cultures including learning body language differences, and business and social expressions (idioms).

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The Writing Center

The Student Success Center offers a virtual writing center to assist students with academic essays, presentations, and business writing needs.

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