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Bereavement Policy

Students experiencing a death in the family should contact the Department of Academic & Student Services in order to request a Standard Bereavement Leave or a Bereavement Leave of Absence:

Standard Bereavement Leave – Upon approval from the Department of Academic & Student Services, the student is allowed 14 consecutive days of excused absence. Dates are specifiable by the student. The student would still be required to complete all course requirements.

Note: International students must file a Travel Request Form with the International Student Office if they are leaving the country.

Bereavement Leave of Absence – Should a student feel s/he needs more time than the allotted 14 consecutive days, students may withdraw from the trimester in which the death occurs.

In consultation with the department chair and academic counselor, students in good academic standing may:

  • Drop currently enrolled courses without any notation on the academic record, if within ITU’s add/drop period;
  • Withdraw with a W notation from currently enrolled courses, if prior to the Withdrawal deadline; or
  • Receive an incomplete (INC) grade for currently enrolled courses and have the opportunity to complete any missed exams and/or assignments in the following trimester in which they return. In the instance that the instructor is not available to teach in the following term, the student’s department chair may assign another instructor to assist the student in finishing the course. Further extensions beyond the following trimester may be granted under special circumstances.

Note: International students who leave the country for more than 30 days must file a Leave of Absence Request Form with the International Student Office. Students leaving the country are advised to meet with the International Student Office prior to their departure.

Once a Standard Bereavement Leave or Bereavement Leave of Absence has been received and approved:

  • The Department of Academic & Student Services will notify the student’s academic counselor who will communicate with the department chair, instructors for currently enrolled courses, and any other relevant offices to facilitate the leave.
  • Instructors will be advised that excused absences and extensions should be granted to the student for the time of allowed leave.

Typical Bereavement Leave is reserved for deaths within the student’s immediate family, but students may petition for the right to implement the Bereavement Policy in the event that a death occurs outside their immediate family. Immediate family is defined as: Spouse, Grandmother, Grandfather, Mother, Father, Sister, Brother, Child, Stepmother, Stepfather, Stepsister, Stepbrother, or Stepchild. ITU reserves the right to request documentation, such as an obituary, verifying the death.