ITU Open Campus

– A better way to learn.

ITU’s Open Campus is a great way for students to take courses in areas of interest or professional development, without the need to enter into a degree program.

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Our Popular Courses

ITU’s Open Campus classes blend current Silicon Valley trends with highly skilled sought-after professors who are accomplished professionals within their fields.

The even better news is students can also use up to 9 credit hours (i.e. the equivalent of 3 courses) from these Open Campus courses, to apply towards degree completion requirements. If you decide to go for a complete Masters’s degree at a later time, those credits will count.

Featured Courses

From January through April 2021. For alternative payment methods, please reach out to the Finance department:

What is Open Campus

  • The Open Campus program provides a unique opportunity for anyone to take ITU’s courses without being enrolled as a student.
  • Today’s intricate and interconnected global economy, more than ever, demands a highly-skilled workforce.
  • Accessing quality education will be an anchor to expanding your career horizons.

Why Open Campus

  • New skills for the ever-changing business landscape
  • The latest proficiencies to unlock your career potential
  • A more holistic understanding of your chosen industry