Tuition Policy

Students who are enrolled in the new ITU Master Program curriculum fall 2020 are charged $650/credit hour.

  • Starting the fall trimester, 2022, new students are charged $2,550 upfront for 3 credit hours of the required Nugget courses at the time of enrollment in the first trimester of their program. This tuition fee will be applied to 2 credit hours of Nugget classes and 1 credit hour of ITU Presents, and it will never expire. This is a nonrefundable fee, and will be charged once in the first trimester at the same time of other nonrefundable fees, such as technology, SGA, etc. If students choose the installment method payment, the tuition fee of $2,550 for the 3 credit hours nugget course will be paid in the first installment.
  • Existing students who opt into the new Masters Program Spring 2022 Curriculum are charged $850/credit hour for classes
    • No refund will be given to students who were accepted under the previous master’s program and have taken classes of $650/credit hour.
    • No pre-charge of 3 credit hours for these opted-in students. The tuition fee for the 3 credit hours will be charged at the time of enrollment.
  • Existing students who continue with their Curriculum prior to Fall 2020 are charged $700/credit hour for all classes. They can still take nugget classes, ITU Presents, and short term internships. The same tuition fee of $700/credit hour applies to the nugget classes, ITU Presents and short term internships courses.