ITU Presents Episode 18 with Karen North

Karen North on Past, Present & Future


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Karen North, PhD, is a recognized expert in digital social media and in psychology. She is the founder and former director of USC Annenberg’s Digital Social Media (MS) program, and a clinical professor in the school of communication focusing on digital and social media, business and product strategy, privacy and safety online, and brand building and reputation management. In 2006, North created the Digital Social Media (MS) program (formerly, Annenberg Program on Online Communities), the world’s first master’s degree program and research center focused on the leadership and management of social media and online communities.

Trained as a clinical and social psychologist and with considerable work experience in telecommunications policy and practice, North’s interests come together in the digital world where entrepreneurs and large companies seem most focused on using social and digital media to bring people together, form groups online, and exert influence. North teaches these concepts and skills and works with small and large companies, foreign and domestic governments, and individuals in this sector. Prior to building USC’s digital social media program, North was the assistant dean of the UCLA School of Public Policy. She previously worked in the Clinton Administration in the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy, and before that she worked for Rep. Edward Markey, Chairman of the U.S. House of Representatives Subcommittee on Telecommunications and Finance.

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