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All of our interested alumni can now take up to two of our new nugget courses this fall for free! You can read below to learn more about the courses being offered and register at https://universitydegrees.itu.edu/nugget-courses-registration.

IDS 553 1 Visionary Architecture and Cities
By 2050 more than 70% of the world’s population will be living in cities. In this course students will learn about the biggest trends shaping the built environment and how to play a role in it through the application of main avant-garde architecture movements, building situations based on historic content and finally through learning how to develop novel visionary design directions.

IDS 553 2 Designing Sustainable Buildings and Cities
Buildings are responsible for almost 50% of all the global carbon emission. In this course students will learn about the latest technological advancements in net-zero energy buildings, smart cities and overall how to create a more sustainable future.

IDS 553 3 Digital Design and Manufacturing
Technology is fundamentally disrupting the construction industry, allowing buildings to be created faster, better and with more advanced shapes. In this Nugget course students will learn how to use digital design to manufacture their own projects with 3D printers, CNC millers and water jet cutters.

IDS 552 1 Safety-critical Software with Ada
The Ada language is more of an engineering tool than just a programming tool. It is used by the military for embedded weapon systems such as the F-22 airplane, various missiles, and other weapons. It is also used for Air Traffic Control systems around the World. In France it is used extensively for transportation (e.g., rail) and energy systems.

IDS 552 2 Cryptography for Block Chain
Block Chain technology was originally proposed in 1991 as a timestamp mechanism for digital documents. But not until 2008, when Bitcoin, which used Block Chain as its underlying technology, was invented by Satoshi Nakamoto, has Block Chain caught the attention around the world. This fast proliferation is partially due to the speculative nature and the incredible appreciation of the digital cryptocurrency, the Bitcoin.

To learn more about our nugget courses please go to our website or email us directly at marketing@itu.edu.

Cornel Pokorny, Ph.D.

Cornel Pokorny, Ph.D., received his doctorate in computer science from Technical University in Vienna, Austria. His research areas are computer graphics, object-oriented design, and web programming. Dr. Pokorny worked for five years as an assistant professor at Technical University, one year in mainland China in linguistic studies, and three years as a project manager in German industry. There, he developed one of the first generators for Chinese characters in an electronic inkjet printer. Dr. Pokorny is currently the department chair of the Software Engineering program at ITU.


Tomorrow Phil McKinney will present his talk on Disruptive Shock in the upcoming 6th episode of ITU Presents. McKinney will share his experiences and what you can do better to prepare yourself and your career to not just survive, but to succeed and thrive, through disruptions. Alumni can register for free for this amazing episode! Click on the image to access the event link to RSVP!


With the pandemic happening, sudden heat waves and air pollution being at its highest- we have all been going through some difficult times. But as the air starts to clear in the Bay and the temperatures starts to get cooler, we can now enjoy activities that can get motivate to keep us more active in this new remote life style that we are all trying to adjust to. Here are a couple ideas to try out this fall!
Cook a healthy apple dish: apples are in season now, and you can get some fresh crisp apples not only from the grocery store but also you can go apple picking outdoors and to farmers market. Bake a fresh apple pie, a cobbler or make some apple sauce or jam for the winter!
Carve a Jack O’ Lantern: another fall favorite produce are pumpkins. As Halloween is also coming up, so pumpkin picking and challenge your inner creativity through your carving skills. You can also roast pumkin seeds and make delicious pumpkin pie with parts you won’t be using.
Go Hiking: many hiking trails in the Bay area and majority of Northern California are still open and safe until late November. Hiking is a great way to socialize while maintaining distance, getting some fresh air and getting some adventure. Make sure to look at trails beforehand and check the weather constantly for rain and mud.
Go camping or “glamping”: many sites are also still available for camping. If building a tent is not your thing, but you enjoy the outdoors and the quiet, a “glamping” experience might be what you’re looking for! Toast some marshmallows by the fire pit in the comfort of staying at cabins or vans in the wilderness.
Visit botanical gardens: since these are mostly outdoor spaces, many are opening back up in the Bay area. It might be a nice relaxing day trip to do some drawing or to meditate.

Renee Liu
Masters in Business Administration, ’19

Renee graduated from New York University with an M.S. in Public Relations and Corporate Communication. Having vast experience working for PR agencies, startups, and tech companies, she specializes in brand marketing, especially multi-channel marketing automation. Her current work focuses on lead generation through inbound and outbound marketing channels, especially paid search and email marketing campaigns. Her career change from public relations to digital marketing is what brought her to ITU for a second master’s degree.

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