Episode 2: Key Technologies and Their Impact to Silicon Valley Tech Economy

Silicon Valley has enjoyed and endured multiple waves of success and downturns led by tech companies in the past 30 years. In this episode of ITU Presents, our speaker Joseph Wei, who relocated from Boston to Silicon Valley in the mid-1990’s, will talk about his personal journey and perspective of the impact of many key technologies that shaped his career and the industry.

In this talk, Joseph Wei will share his personal journey and point of view of the impact of many key technologies that shaped his career in the industry. It will include topics such wearable technologies and IoT.

Joseph Wei

  • Managing Director of Technology Ventures Group (TVG) Founding partner of Lab360 Startup Incubator in Silicon Valley.
  • Led enterprise business and corporate development at Inventec, NEC, Silicon Graphics Inc., and DEC.
  • Highly regarded in the venture and technical communities for his knowledge in wearables and IoT.
  • Received his Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from Tufts University and professional courses at Stanford University
  • Board member of the IEEE consumer Electronics Society. Chairman-Emeritus for the Silicon Valley Section.

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