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Hands-on experience and skill development is a key component of ITU’s pedagogy. We recognize how important internships are in transferring course theory, concepts, and skills from a graduate program to a career in the student’s field of study. For this reason, we are committed to linking the classroom with relevant industry experience. As affirmed by the university’s Academic Quality Committee (AQC), ITU requires students to participate in an internship (one credit hour for part-time, three credit hours for full-time, up to a maximum of 10 credit hours per degree) from the first trimester as a core part of the curriculum for all of ITU’s master degree programs.

ITU is proud to offer a strong internship program that is required for all students in graduate degree programs.

Internships are managed through enrollment in INT 593, a course that may be taken for a maximum of ten credit hours over the course of an academic program. ITU reviews each internship request on an individual basis to ensure that it is consistent with the student’s coursework and academic policies. For ITU students in F-1 international student status, the internship request must also meet the standards found in the U.S. Code of Federal Regulations – 8 CFR § 214.2(f)(10)(i).

ITU’s internship eligibility requirements, academic components and expectations, procedures and due dates, and conditions are presented below.

The following requirements apply to all students who wish to participate in ITU’s internship program:

  • Admission/Enrollment – Students must be admitted to one of ITU’s graduate programs and enrolled in a full course load of nine credit hours per trimester. (Note: See exception below for Annual Vacation or Last Term of Study).
  • INT 593 series enrollment – Students must enroll in INT 593 in order to have an internship. This course may be part of the student’s 9 credit hour full time course load. Internships will not be approved as any other course at ITU, including independent study or special study courses. To continue an existing internship, students must enroll in INT 593 and follow the procedures listed here for each new trimester.
  • Tuition/Fees –Students will not be allowed to apply for or begin an internship until all past and current tuition and fees have been paid in full. Click here for information about paying tuition and fees.
  • GPA – Students must maintain a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0 and passing grades in INT 593
  • Internship relevance – Internship relevance – Students must show that the requested internship is relevant to their field of study and that the internship provider has extended a formal offer that is consistent with the procedure below.
  • Internship providers – Students may not have more than one internship provider at a time.

All internships at ITU require enrollment in INT 593. This academic class is taken for one credit hour with part-time internships (up to 20 hours per week) or three credit hours with full-time internships (21 to 40 hours per week). In order to earn a passing grade, students must directly submit assignments listed below to their faculty member, and include: clear identification of their name, university ID number, the graduate program, the internship title, the internship provider’s name, and the internship supervisor’s name. Assignments may include:

  • Description of internship – A presentation of the unique duties and responsibilities the student will perform during the internship. (Note: The internship cannot be a substitution for a paid staff position or a vacant position at the internship provider’s organization).
  • Mid-term internship report – An initial report by the student on his/her performance and progress in the internship, as well as specific information about the skills and knowledge being acquired relevant to the student’s field of study.. (Note: Such reports must first be cleared by the internship provider to observe appropriate confidentiality and intellectual property constraints).
  • Final internship report – A comprehensive report on topics covered in the mid-term report and supplemented by the student’s evaluation of relevance of the internship to the student’s academic program, career goals, and potential areas for future study and research beyond the internship.
  • Final evaluation form – Submitted directly to the faculty member by the internship provider during the last two weeks of the trimester with the signatures of the internship supervisor and an HR representative of the organization providing the internship.

To ensure compliance with ITU’s policies, the following conditions apply to all students attending ITU:

  • First term internships – Internships for the first trimester of study with ITU will be limited to a part-time internship. An exception will be allowed for students who can demonstrate a prior successful internship or training experience related to a degree they earned in the U.S. Evidence of such an experience may include an academic transcript showing a passing grade in an internship course, a report from the institution’s internship program showing satisfactory performance, and/or a letter of recommendation from an employer or other evidence that the student was authorized to work for during a period of Optional Practical Training.
  • Integrating Academic & Internship Learning (CFL 591) – Students must enroll in the Integrating Academic & Internship Learning (CFL 591) course before beginning their first internship. However, students who apply and are approved for internship their first trimester may take CFL 591 concurrently during that same first trimester.
  • Continuous enrollment/attendance – If a student drops below full-time enrollment(Note: See exception below for F-1 Annual Vacation), or the internship provider otherwise ends the agreement, the student will not be permitted to continue with the internship.
  • Start/End dates – As mentioned above, internships are approved only in conjunction with enrollment in INT 593. For this reason, internships cannot begin sooner than the trimester start date and must end by the trimester end date. No part of the internship may take place during break periods between trimesters.
  • Grade Point Average (GPA) requirements – Students must maintain a minimum 3.0 cumulative GPA in their program at ITU to remain eligible for a full time internship. Once official grades have been posted for the prior trimester, any student who holds a cumulative GPA below 2.0 will lose all internship eligibility (i.e., both full-time and part-time), including eligibility for the trimester in progress.

If a student maintains a cumulative GPA below a 3.0, but earns a trimester GPA of 3.0 or higher for the most recent trimester, the student will remain eligible to request a part-time internship for one additional trimester. This applies continuously for each trimester that the student displays progress in improving their GPA by earning a trimester GPA of 3.0 or higher.

A student who has a cumulative GPA between 2.0 and 3.0 will be limited to a part-time internship for one trimester. If the student’s cumulative GPA rises to a 3.0 or higher following the posting of grades for that trimester, the student will be eligible to request a full-time internship within posted deadlines.

If that student’s term GPA for the most recent trimester is 3.0 or higher but the cumulative GPA remains below 3.0, the student will remain eligible for a part-time internship. If that student’s term GPA for the most recent trimester is below 3.0, the student will lose all internship eligibility, including for the trimester in progress.

Note: coursework taken at another institution will not be considered in determining eligibility for an internship in an ITU program.

  • Academic performance requirements (INT 593) – A student who receives a grade of “NP” (no pass) in INT 593 will be reduced to part-time internship. If a second grade of “NP” (no pass) is received in INT 593, the internship will be cancelled and the student will be ineligible for future internships at ITU.
  • Academic performance requirements (CFL 591) – A student must pass CFL 591 by the end of the trimester in which they complete their first internship or that student will lose all internship eligibility for the next term. Internship eligibility will be restored only if a passing grade has been earned in CFL 591 by the end of the following trimester.
  • Maximum internship credit hours – Students are limited to ten total credit hours for INT 593. For each part-time internship (up to 20 hours per week), one credit of INT 593 will be used. For each full-time internship (21 to 40 hours per week), three credits of INT 593 will be used. This limit applies to both new and continuing students. A change in programs or interruption of studies will not reset this limit.
  • Change of internship provider –ITU recognizes that unforeseen circumstances may require the change of an internship provider. To allow completion of INT 593, students will be allowed to change their internship provider once per trimester. However, after a second internship request has been submitted in the same trimester, no further changes will be permitted.

A student may not request a change of internship authorization level (i.e. part-time to full-time/full-time to part-time) during the trimester in progress unless the request is the result of an adjustment of eligibility based on GPA and is submitted completely on or before the add/drop deadline.

Students may not change an internship provider after Friday (6:00pm) of the eighth week of the trimester. If an internship ends after the eighth week, the grade in INT 593 will be based on performance up to that point.

To ensure compliance with ITU’s policies and federal regulations, the following conditions apply to all students attending ITU in F-1 student status:

  • Maintaining visa status – If a student violates his/her status, the student’s I-20 will be terminated, which will also immediately end the student’s internship.
  • Eligibility for post-graduate work authorization under Optional Practical Training (OPT) – An F-1 student who receives 12 or more months of full-time CPT is ineligible for post-graduate work authorization under Optional Practical Training (OPT). This includes any full-time CPT a student took at the same degree level at another school before transferring to ITU. However, part-time CPT is not counted towards this total and should not affect the student’s eligibility for post-graduate OPT.
  • Annual Vacation – F-1 students are allowed one vacation term, also known as a “annual vacation”, after completing a full academic year of study: three consecutive trimesters of full-time enrollment. If a student wishes to take a vacation term after this point, they may reduce their enrollment to part-time (Under 9 credit hours) or take no classes during that trimester. However, if the student wishes to begin or renew an internship during that trimester, they must enroll in INT 593.
  • Last Term of Study – An F-1 student who is completing a degree program in the same trimester that an internship is requested is only required to take the number of classes needed to complete the degree. However, these classes must be on-campus, as required by F-1 student visa regulations. F-1 students can submit a request for reduced course load – last trimester.
  • Exception for ITU student employees – Students employed by ITU in a position relevant to their academic program do not require an internship/CPT, as they will gain experience in that role. These students will instead take another academic class to maintain full-time enrollment. However, F-1 students who seek to work on-campus more than the 20-hours per week during the trimester must request a full-time internship, enroll in INT 593 for three credit hours, and obtain CPT authorization as required by their visa status.
  • Volunteering, observation, and unpaid work – ITU will not allow an F-1 student to engage in volunteer or unpaid work for an internship provider outside of INT 593. Also, such action by a student before or after approved internship dates may result in an immediate loss of the internship and CPT authorization, as well as eligibility for any future internship at ITU. Such action might also be treated as a violation of the student’s F-1 visa status, resulting in termination in SEVIS for “unlawful employment”.

Internship Forms

Download, fill out, and upload to the corresponding Submission Online Forms.

Internship Submission Form - Online Form

Submit your Internship request form (one of the forms above), Internship Cooperative Agreement form, and Internship Offer letter to the corresponding Submission Form below.

For questions about ITU’s internship program, please see our Frequently Asked Questions or contact the International Student Office through ITU’s ticketing system.