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How To Register

Please follow these step-by-step instructions on how to register for courses in MyITU. Your MyITU account information is provided to you through your ITU student email account once all preregistration requirements are completed. For more information on how to perform different operations in MyITU, please check the FAQ section.

Reminder: After registering for courses, please complete the tuition payment within 24 hours. Students with a pending balance are subjected to having a financial hold placed on their account and having their courses dropped.

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  • Step 1

    Step 1

    Login into MyITU account using your MyITU credentials.

  • Step 2

    Step 2

    Select and Click the Student Records tab.

  • Step 3

    Step 3

    Here you can see the “Course Registration” Portal.

  • Step 4

    Step 4

    Select and Click
    “Course Search” link.

  • Step 5

    Step 5

    Leave all the options as is and click on the “Search” button.

  • Step 6

    Step 6

    This will return a list of courses that you can add/register.

  • Step 7

    Step 7

    Check the checkbox for the courses that you want to add.

  • Step 8

    Step 8

    Scroll down and click on the “Add Courses” button.

  • Step 9

    Step 9

    You will see a confirmation message and a list of all your courses.

  • Step 10

    Step 10

    You can also view your courses under “My Schedule” in the “Student Records” dashboard.

  • Step 11

    Step 11

    To make a payment, go to “Student Records” and under “My Account Info” click on “My Account Balances”.

  • Step 12

    Step 12

    Click on “Make a Payment” to pay for your class to complete the registration.

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