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Student Spotlight: Saloni Uses Her ITU Education to Secure Position at Oracle America

Saloni_SwetambraITU students are known to secure jobs in reputed organizations in Silicon Valley and beyond. ITU students come from diverse professional and cultural backgrounds, but each one of them shares the goal of pursuing a quality education, in a competitive environment. The blend of classroom learning, practical training and the experience of our professors is what makes the student experience at ITU so unique.

One such student at ITU is Software Engineering student, Saloni Swetambra. She recently leveraged her classroom learning and the practical knowledge she gained at ITU, to secure a leadership role at Oracle America Inc.

Swetambra credits her success to the guidance and knowledge she received from professors like Victor Yu, Liang Dongming and Srinivasan Mandyam: “I took courses like Java Programming, Oracle Database Administration & Data Structures while I was at ITU. The best part is that we worked on practical projects in many of our classes. This gives students an opportunity to practically apply everything they’ve learnt in class. Group projects are particularly helpful in learning the dynamics of team interaction,” Swetambra reports.

Interning at Intel Security

One of the key learning outcomes for ITU students is to be able to apply and refine their classroom skills in the industry, through relevant internships. During her summer trimester, Swetambra secured an internship at Intel Security.

“This internship was particularly valuable because it offered me a software development role as a full stack engineer – which meant I worked on backend development, middle layer development, and also on the user interface. At my internship, I could directly apply a lot of concepts I had learnt in class at ITU,” Swetambra says.

Securing a Role at Oracle

ORacle redwoodSwetambra recently joined Oracle America Inc. as a project leader. She expects to use a wide array of technologies such as Java, Application Development Framework (ADF), Oracle Databases and Web Services in her new role. Swetambra says, “The things I learned at ITU played a major role in helping me secure this position. The courses I selected and the concepts I learned from my internship were particularly helpful.”

Swetambra wants to diversify her technical skills and experience while working in her current role at Oracle. She also takes a keen interest in the startup culture in Silicon Valley and the opportunities and challenges it poses.

“At ITU, I not only learned the technical skills from my courses, but I also got the opportunity to develop my soft skills and team building abilities. These skills were instrumental in helping me secure the opportunity at Oracle. I received the Dr. Shu Park Chan merit scholarship while I was ITU, and that was a huge motivator for me to perform even better in class and at work,” says Swetambra.

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