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If full payment is not made upon registration of courses, the following will occur:

Financial Hold

Student accounts will be subject to financial holds in cases of:

  1. Non-payment of fees, or
  2. A partial payment of fees, or
  3. The student has an outstanding balance from a previous trimester.

Students who have provided a wire transfer confirmation, or signed up for the Installment Plan (and provided post-dated checks) will not be placed on Financial Hold.

When a Financial Hold is placed on a student’s account, the student will remain enrolled in their courses, however, the student will no longer be able access the following services until the student’s account balance is paid in full:

  1. Add/drop courses online via MyITU
  2. Obtain transcripts, grades, diplomas, or verifications of enrollment.

The student must clear their account balance via MyITU, or submit payment in person at the Department of Accounting Services. Once the student’s account balance is paid and cleared, the Financial Hold will be removed.

Termination of Student Status for Non-Payment of Tuition and Fees

Students who do not pay tuition and fees, or make payment arrangements with the Department of Accounting Services within 30 days after the first day of class, will have their student status terminated. A final e-mail notice will be sent 7 days before the deadline by the Student Records Office and/or Department of Accounting Services. There will be no extensions for the deadline.

Terminated students for non-payment of tuition and fees will have their academic progress discontinued.

Financial Resources