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ITU Students Outperform Comparison Schools in Outbound Assessment Results

International Technological University (ITU) recently released a report on its analyses of the Peregrine assessment. This assessment, provided by an external source, is intended to measure the Business Program students’ performance.

ITU compared student scores two ways: comparing against itself using inbound and outbound exams for two trimesters, and comparing against all ACBSP (US) students’ scores in the Peregrine system over the same period. ACBSP is the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs.

The analyses for two trimesters showed excellent improvements in ITU student scores for both Inbound and Outbound results. ITU graduating MBA students outscored the mean score of all ACBSP accredited MBA programs globally in 10 out of 10 areas covered by the test.

Peregrine Inbound Exam Comparison

The Inbound assessment comparisons showed a 3.38% increase in average scores, with the highest improvements in Global Dimensions of Business and Legal Environment of Business.
For the Outbound, there was an 11.20% increase in average scores, with the highest improvements seen in Business Finance, Business Ethics, and Accounting.

Peregrine Outbound Exam Comparison

Both ITU and the ACBSP pool performed better on the outbound exam than the inbound exam, which shows that there is improved student knowledge after having been through the master’s program.

The Peregrine Assessment plays a part in program rigor for ITU in several ways: taking a snapshot of student knowledge at program entry, pinpointing areas where the university could administer more knowledge through curricula changes, taking a post-program snapshot of student knowledge at their finish of the program, and overall, preparing students for success in various industries after graduation.

ITU and the Business Department stress that wider and additional analyses are needed to accurately gauge the Business Department and student performance. The intention of the Business Department is to use these assessments as part of continual program improvement.

To view the results for a better understanding of the analyses, check out the Peregrine External Assessment Analytics.