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Fitness Center Inauguration Ceremony

It was an exciting day at ITU as the staff, faculty, and students gathered to celebrate the official ribbon cutting ceremony for the new Fitness Center on September 26, 2017. ITU President Dr. Gregory O’Brien, Provost Dr. Barry Ryan, Student Government Association President Radhika Rane, and Student Leadership Program Manager Leia Delabahan inaugurated the new on-campus Fitness Center.

“The Fitness Center is an important addition to our campus. We are very proud to provide our students, staff, and faculty with an outlet for physical and mental health” said Dr. O’Brien. “It’s a tremendous feeling to walk into this building and see our students involved in healthy pursuits and pastimes”.

The Fitness Center has been a university and SGA initiative that has been two years in the making. Through the hard work of past and current student government leaders, we are excited to provide this valuable amenity to our students. A big thank you to the administration and Dr. O’Brien for supporting us and giving us the liberty to make the changes that we want to see at our school.

“SGA tries to boost our student’s professional and educational profile by hosting events and seminars. But through this initiative, we want to give them an “experience”. When our students graduate from school, along with the classroom memories, we want them to cherish the moments they spent at the campus with their friends. We want them to feel refreshed at the game zone and the fitness center and give their best at the academics.” said Ms. Rane, president of SGA at ITU.

Picture of the fitness center inauguration

ITU strives to provide the community with extra curricular resources and events that promote engagement as well as health and wellness. The Fitness Center is one way in which the university hopes to promote physical wellness as a key for maintaining mental and emotional wellbeing.

The Fitness Center is open for training with the following schedule:

Monday through Friday
2:00 PM – 6:00 PM

Students will be required to fill out a waiver before being able to utilize the equipment and will be required to abide by all fitness center policies.