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ITU is the way to empower people and advance global prosperity through inventive, industry-linked Silicon Valley education.

Degree Program

ITU provides Master/Doctoral level degree programs. 

Computer Science

You’ll focus on the development and design skills needed to build software applications.

Digital Arts

Strives to fulfill this need by integrating the latest technologies and ideas as they relate to art and science.

Electrical Engineering

Allows you the opportunity to work with cutting-edge EDA tools.

Engineering Management

Training in the essential elements of running a technology-focused business

Business Admin

Knowledge, technology, and practical exp to excel as entrepreneurs and cutting-edge business leaders.

Interdisciplinary Sciences

Develop consilience that seeks to unite the natural with the social sciences.




Ai & Machine Learning

UI/UX Design

UI UX Design


Finance Technology


Wireless & Mobile App



Certificate Program

ITU provides hot topic certificate programs.