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Notable Dignitaries

In ITU’s brief 20 year history, commencement speakers at ITU graduation ceremonies include: the US Secretary of Defense, 3 Nobel Prize Laureates (Peace, Chemistry and Physics), 2 United States Congressmen, a California State Senator, the Dean of the UC Berkeley’s Business School, the Chancellor of the University of Hawaii, The Mayors of San Francisco and Milpitas, and the Chair of President George W. Bush’s Commission of Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders.

ITU Past Commencement Speakers

Class of 1995 – Edward Teller, “Father of Hydrogen Bomb”

Class of 1996 – Yuan T. Lee, Nobel Laureate and President of Academia Sinica

Class of 1997 – William Perry, former Secretary of Defense

Class of 1998 – Steven Chu, Noble Laureate and Current Secretary of Energy

Class of 1999 – Tom Campbell, US Congressman

Class of 2000 – Willie Brown, Mayor of San Francisco

Class of 2001 – Bill Jones, California Secretary of State, and Rose Tseng, Chancellor of the University of Hawaii, Hilo

Class of 2002 – Elaine Alquist, State Assemblywoman

Class of 2004 – Mike Honda, California Congressman

Class of 2007 – Otto Lee, Mayor of Sunnyvale

Class of 2008 – David Tsang, Founder of Acorn Campus Venture Incubator

Class of 2009 – Dominik Schmidt, Director of Technology at Intel

Class of 2010 – Jitendra Kavathekar, CEO and Founder of TWiki

Class of 2011 – Greg O’Brien, Executive Vice President of ITU

Class of 2012 – Ramesh Konda, Director of IT at Bankrate

Class of 2013 – Richard Winn, Ph.D. Executive Director of WASC’s Senior Commission

Class of 2014 – Hasan Alkhatib, Ph.D. President of SSN Services, LLC & ITU Co-Founder

Class of 2015 – Tim Westergren, Founder, Pandora

Class of 2016 – Dr. Bernard Roth, Rodney H. Adams Professor in the School of Engineering, Stanford University

Class of 2017 – Phil McKinney, Authori, Speaker, and Innovation Guru

Last modified: August 22, 2017