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Silicon Valley Leadership

Learn from Silicon Valley’s leading experts and innovators.

Silicon Valley has changed the face of the world with technological innovation married with startup funding. Silicon Valley is the world’s capital for high technology: microelectronics, software development, internet & computing industries, digital filmmaking, mobile gaming and biotechnology as well as the entrepreneurial financing of these high-tech ventures.

ITU instructors not only have PhD or terminal degrees in their areas of expertise, but also often have over ten years of experience at the executive level in Silicon Valley high-tech firms, creating the innovations that have made Silicon Valley as the world’s center for advanced technology.

Drawn from this rich environment, ITU’s founders, executive team, and faculty continue to shape Silicon Valley and help maintain its global prominence. These technology, business, media and venture capital leaders have gathered together with a shared vision for globalization and created ITU, a model of educational excellence that defines the high-tech, media, and business future for the Silicon Valley. And ITU will continue to leverage these assets using education as the platform for generating industrial economic wealth aimed at enriching developing markets throughout the world.

Last modified: August 21, 2017