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Online Payments

Helpful Tips for Making Online Payments

Warning: $200 Technology Fee and $50 Registration Fee (or $100 Late Registration Fee) are non-refundable. These fees will be charged to your student account upon adding class(es). You are liable for these fees even if choose to drop your class(es) immediately afterwards.

Note: If you are a current student, do not submit another online application or pay the $100 application fee.

Common reasons for credit card denials/errors:

Payment amount exceeds bank credit limit
Solution: Review your bank statement or contact your bank for your credit limit and verify that there is sufficient available credit on your card.
Phone number entered incorrectly
Solution: When entering the personal information, make sure to enter dashes in between the phone number.
Credit card number and/or expiration date typos
Solution: Double check your credit card number and expiration date before submission.
Amount to be charged is left blank
Solution: Amount to be charged is a required field. Enter amount to be charged prior to submission.
No confirmation page for payment of online applications
Solution: Click on the “Submit” payment button only once and wait for next page to load. Contact the Department of Accounting Services via this form for confirmation prior to making another payment.
eCheck rejection
Solution: If your eCheck is rejected, do not attempt to make another payment by eCheck. Bounced eChecks (for any reason) are subjected to a bounced check penalty fee of $50 each. Visit for other payment options.
If you have any questions or concerns, please submit a ticket to the Department of Accounting Services via this form.

Last modified: May 11, 2016