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Qingning Li, PhD
Faculty Title
Adjunct Faculty
Electrical & Computer Engineering

Dr. Qingning Li is an adjunct faculty member at ITU and serves as a consultant in the engineering business. He previously served as a hardware engineer at IBM, where he developed a new type of quasi-tester for testing read head stability, low noise RF amplifier, and control circuits. At IBM, he also led high frequency quasi-test development, performed quasi-data analysis, proposed new NLTS measurements, and signal to noise measurement methods. He also served as a staff engineer at MMC Technology, Readrite, and Phase Metrics. His research areas of expertise include magnetic recordings, semiconductors physics, RF electronics, optics and magnetic resonance and imaging. Dr. Li’ work has been featured in the Society of Magnetic Resonance in Medicine and International Society for Optical Engineering publications. At ITU, Dr. Li leads research in the green energy field.

Dr. Li received his Bachelor’s degree in optics from Zhongshan University, Masters and doctoral degrees in physics from the University of Utah.