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Jahan Ghofraniha
Faculty Title
Core Faculty
Business Administration

Jahan Ghofraniha got his undergraduate degree from Sharif University of Technology and his master’s and Ph.D. from the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada with specialization in pattern recognition, artificial intelligence, statistical and machine learning. He has over 20 years of industrial experience working in numerous application areas such communication systems, statistical signal processing, digital health and application of AI and deep learning strategies in disease prevention and predication. He was the CTO of health monitoring startup architecting and overseeing the implementation of advanced AI technologies to remote health monitoring system.  He has also been involved in undergraduate and graduate level teaching at universities in Canada and the US for over 20 years. He has been an effective academic administrator as a dean of school of engineering at one of the private universities in the Silicon Valley where he revised the curriculum to be aligned with industry needs. He has been teaching advanced courses in application of machine learning and deep learning in engineering, computer science and business such as marketing and supply chain management. More recently he helped design a new STEM-based curriculum for business analytics at the graduate level with an emphasis on hands-on aspect at International Technological University in Silicon Valley. He has also been an invited speaker in local universities and technical societies and has conducted numerous workshops in the US and overseas. His area of research is in the advanced machine learning, Deep learning and AI with application in engineering and business. He holds two US patents and has over thirty publications.