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Hiram Willis, PhD
Faculty Title
Adjunct Faculty
Business Administration

Dr. Hiram Willis is both an INC 500 President (#401, 1996) and New York Fortune 50 President (#13, 1997). With past residences in Japan (Shin Yokohama), UK (Reading) and Germany (Frankfurt & Munich), his background includes CEO and President of Visualize Video Corporation (A Taiwan Company) and Voice Technologies Groups, Inc., as well as GM for Cygron International USA (Headquartered in Budapest, Hungry), and Cymbolic Sciences International, Inc. (Paris, France). He is a senior business strategy advisor to major US domestic and international companies in the areas of SaaS, networks, the-Internet-of-everything, and financial strategies, M&As, and telecommunication markets, as well as international venture and corporate capital. As a consultant and temporary president he brings a wealth of experience in creating profitable operations, market expansion, and new sources of capital.

Dr. Willis served on the adjunct faculty staff for the Fisher Graduate School of International Business, Monterey Institute of International Studies, as well as San Jose State University College of Business Center for Entrepreneurship, together with Menlo College and The Graduate School of Economics and Business, Saint Mary’s College. He is an invited speaker UC Berkeley and published and lectures on International Business Planning, Marketing plans & strategies, and Finance Strategies for Early Stage & Entrepreneurial Companies; Strategic Finance the Innovations that Builds Corporate Equity Value; as well as Business and Asset Valuations Techniques.

Dr. Willis’ work is in Socially Responsible Investments (SRIs) Walden University and Financial Derivatives Option Pricing for SRIs. His earlier education includes a MBA from the Peter F. Drucker Graduate School of Management, Claremont Graduate University with post-graduate AMBA work. Additionally, he holds a Bachelor in Electrical Engineering from the University of Southern California, School of Engineering, and Electro-Physics Department, where he received the Archimedes Engineering Award in 1977. His background includes financial securities in equities, derivatives, partnerships, and capital restructuring, together with professional awards from IEEE Society of Optical Engineering, American Financial Association, and Inc 500 President, and New York Fortune 50 President Awards.