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George Guim, EdD
Faculty Title
Adjunct Faculty
Business Administration

Dr. Guim has worked for private industry and government agencies including ATARI, Southern Pacific Communications, GTE Sprint, Bank of America, the Office of Economic Planning, Policy and Research (State of California), and the Division of Ratepayer Advocates of the California Public Utilities Commission. Currently, he teaches business administration and research methods courses at the undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral levels in local universities.

Dr. Guim has B.A. and M.A. degrees in economics, and M.S. in environmental management from the University of San Francisco; M.A. in education from Stanford University; and a doctoral degree in education (organization and leadership) from the University of San Francisco.

Dr. Guim was chair of the Business Administration department for 14 years at the National Hispanic University. He does consulting work in educational and organizational development with local and international educational and development agencies and universities (including Peru, Chile, and Taiwan). His research interests include the application of phenomenological and hermeneutical concepts for business, technology, education, and the arts.