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Alfonso Ramirez
Engineering Management

Essentials: Professor Ramirez received his Master’s Degree in Business Administration (M.B.A) from University of Phoenix. Professor Ramirez devoted a great deal of his academic studies to medical device company establishment, medical product development and manufacturing. He also holds an Associate of Science Degree in Avionics and Aircraft Electronics.

Professor Ramirez is a Senior medical device professional with extensive Quality and Operations experience providing support to all phases of the product life cycle including concept development, pilot production and high volume manufacturing. He has worked in both early start-ups and Fortune 100 companies. He carries extensive experience in establishing, registering, and operating off-shore operations including prolonged ex-patriot assignments in Costa Rica. He carries over 18 years of medical device development, lean manufacturing and quality operations experience. Professor Ramirez is a Certified Quality Auditor (C.Q.A) and member of the American Society for Quality (A.S.Q.). He also owns and co-authored various patents.

Positions that Professor Ramirez has held in the industry include: Quality Manager for Neurovascular Products, Director of Medical Device Operations, General Manager of Off-Shore Operations, Research and Development Associate Engineer, Medical Device Manufacturing and Clean Room Design Consultant.