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Dr. Karl Wang
Faculty Title (other)
Vice President of Technology & Research
Electrical & Computer Engineering

Dr. Karl L. Wang is professor at EECE Department and meanwhile servers as vice president of technology and research at ITU. He is an industry expert and a visionary with more than 30 years of experience. He served as Director of Advance Product Development at ARM, Inc. where he developed 65 and 45nm products. He also serves as Director of Microprocessor Development at Hitachi, Inc. where he led a large design team from Hitachi and ST Microelectronics in a joint venture for developing world first low-power and high-performance microprocessor for SOC products. He also served as Vice President of Design Services and IP Business Division at UMC, and Vice President of Research and Development at Silicon Motion, Inc. He hopes to leverage his rich industry experience to achieve engineering education excellence to train the next generation of engineers.

Dr. Wang received his Bachelor’s degree from Rice University in Electrical Engineering, Master’s degrees and Ph.D. from renowned Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in Electrical Engineering.