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Engineering Management Faculty

Tom Tafolla, JD : Interim Department Chair

Tom Tafolla, JD

Interim Department Chair


Essentials: Professor Tafolla received his Bachelor of Science (B.S.) degree in Psychology from Santa Clara University. His study emphasis was in the areas of educational psychology and the psychology of personality. He has graduated with his J.D. from the University of San Francisco.

His primary emphasis in law school was on the legal concerns of high technology business. As an academic, Professor Tafolla's interests include intellectual property, international business, insurance, medical device regulation, and entrepreneurship.

Professor Tafolla was employed as an electromechanical product-packaging designer in Silicon Valley. He has extensive experience working in both R&D / product develop teams and in manufacturing operations he then worked as a legal researcher/law clerk for various small law firms in the San Francisco Bay Area. Professor Tafolla’s professional experience is based primarily in Silicon Valley high technology companies where he provides legal support to corporate legal departments and executive management.

Positions that Tafolla has held in the corporate environment include Legal Administrator, Patents Administrator, Lead Litigation Paralegal, Contracts Specialist, Contracts Manager, Intellectual Property Administrative Supervisor, Patents Manager, Litigation Manager, Immigration Officer, and Legal Services Manager.

Barbara Hecker, PhD/JD : Core Faculty

Barbara Hecker, PhD/JD

Core Faculty


Barbara is an entrepreneur with a passion for teaching. She’s been a professor of Computer Science and Software Engineering at various state and private colleges for over 15 years. She has also founded several successful Silicon Valley startup companies. She has earned master’s degrees in Software Engineering, Information Systems and Telecommunications and a PhD in Computer Science.

Currently she is a professor and department chair at International Technological University (ITU) in San Jose, CA. ITU strives to provide superior graduate education, research and innovation in the fields of engineering, business administration and digital arts. ITU gave Barbara the opportunity to explore new innovative teaching methods and create new training programs in relevant subject areas like mobile app development. She has designed and conducted cutting edge hands-on workshops and has created new degree and certificate programs in mobile app development for the Android, iOS and other device platforms.

Barbara’s interests and hobbies are in programming and software development. She is also an innovative app developer and designer. Like most Silicon Valley entrepreneurs, she hopes to someday develop that “killer app,” get rich and then retire. In the meantime, she enjoys learning and sharing her experiences with others.

Mamoun Samaha, MS : Adjunct Faculty

Mamoun Samaha, MS

Adjunct Faculty


Prof. Samaha got his MSEE in Eindhoven University of Technology, The Netherlands.

He has extensive industrial experience. He worked for Hewlett Packard, as Architect & Technology Strategist in corporate IT, as Software Architect, then became Wireless and Mobility Chief Technology officer. Later he worked for Motorola Mobility as their Enterprise Chief Technology Officer. Currently he is Co-Founder, CEO & Chief Strategy Officer for MobWee Inc.

Prof. Samaha’s areas of interest include: mobile security identity and authentication, mobile device management, mobile applications, Android, iOS, Windows mobile, enterprise architecture & security and workflow, process automation.

Girish Harshe, PhD : Adjunct Faculty

Girish Harshe, PhD

Adjunct Faculty


Dr. Harshe received his B.Tech. and M.Tech. degrees from IIT, Bombay. Following that he completed his PhD from The Pennsylvania State University and MBA from University of Chicago’s Booth School of Business. Dr. Harshe has worked for more than 20 years in Telecommunication and IT industries, including working in R&D for Motorola and Lucent. He has published and presented 40 research papers and holds 4 US patents.

Symon Chang, PhD : Faculty

Symon Chang, PhD



Dr. Chang got his MSEE and PhD degrees from Stanford University.

He has very extensive industrial experience. Early in his career, he worked for Intel Corp, IBM and Computer Research Corp. Then he worked for Vertex Semiconductor Corp. as Vice President of Technology, Tyan Computer as Founder, President and CEO. Afterwards he became General Manager of Data Center Group in Intel Corp. Dr. Chang has also founded several start-up companies in Silicon Valley and Taiwan.

Wen Ku, PhD : Adjunct Faculty

Wen Ku, PhD

Adjunct Faculty


Dr. Ku has over 30 years of international business and management experience in high-tech industries spanning PC, telecommunication, consumer electronics and venture capital investment.

He held executive positions with several multi-national corporations including AT&T Bell Labs, GE and Acer, in USA, Europe and Asia. He was president/CEO and served on the Board of Directors or Advisors of several privately held entrepreneurial ventures in Silicon Valley, California. Dr. Ku was also the founding General Partner of iGlobepartners venture investment fund. Wen is now teaching Entrepreneurship, New Product Management and Venture Capital courses at Peking University in Beijing and Silicon Valley University in San Jose, California. He also gave lectures at Tsinghua University and corporations including China Mobile, France Telecom.

Dr. Ku received his Doctor of Engineering degree from Univ. of Wisconsin, Milwaukee; MS from Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago and BS from Tunghai University in Taiwan.

Neeli Prasad, PhD : Adjunct Faculty

Neeli Prasad, PhD

Adjunct Faculty


Neeli Prasad is a security and wireless technology strategist, who through her career has been driving business and technology innovation, from incubation to prototyping through validation to commercialization. She has focus and the abilities to transform organizations and networking technologies to address changes in markets. She has made her way up the waves of secure communication technology by contributing to some of the most groundbreaking and commercial inventions. She has general management, leadership, and technology skills, having worked for service providers and technology companies in various key leadership roles for the past 20 years.

She is a subject matter expert covering security, wireless, mobility, Internet of Things, Machine-to-Machine, eHealth, smart cities and cloud technologies. She was one of the key contributors to the commercialization of WLAN for which she has published two books.

John Shih, PhD : Adjunct Faculty

John Shih, PhD

Adjunct Faculty


Dr. John Shih got his Ph.D in Electrical Engineering from University of California, Irvine.

He has extensive industry experience. In his early career he worked for Burroughs Corporation and Rockwell International as design engineer. Then he served as VP of Engineering and President of ALI USA at Acer Laboratories Inc. , Chairman of Advanced Analog Technology, Taiwan. Currently he is a Board Member of M3 Technology, Taiwan.

Dr. Shih also has actively participated in various start-ups as angel investor since 1995. Successfully led more than 10 companies to either IPO or being acquired.

Jeremy Tzeng, PhD : Adjunct Faculty

Jeremy Tzeng, PhD

Adjunct Faculty


Dr. Tzeng got his MS and Ph.D in EECS from University of California, Berkeley.

He has extensive industrial experience. In his early career he worked for Rockwell International and Bell Labs as engineer scientist. Then he became director of wireless communications, Alfa Inc., and then director of InnoMedia Technology Inc. Afterwards he worked as VP of Communications Division, Ali, Taiwan, as Special Assistant to the President, Communications Business Group of Foxconn and as VP of Technology, InnoMedia Inc.

Dr. Tzeng was awarded 5 US patents. He was also the editor of IEEE Transactions on Communications.

George Guim, EdD : Adjunct Faculty

George Guim, EdD

Adjunct Faculty


Dr. Guim has B.A. and M.A. degrees in economics, and M.S. in environmental management from the University of San Francisco; M.A. in education from Stanford University; and a doctoral degree in education (organization and leadership) from the University of San Francisco.

Dr. Guim was chair of the Business Administration department for 14 years at the National Hispanic University. He does consulting work in educational and organizational development with local and international educational and development agencies and universities (including Peru, Chile, and Taiwan). His research interests include the application of phenomenological and hermeneutical concepts for business, technology, education, and the arts.

Bhairav Mehta : Adjunct Faculty

Bhairav Mehta

Adjunct Faculty


Prof. Mehta in an experienced engineer and seasoned statistician with 11 years of professional experience in data analytics, operations and high tech / automotive industry. He had extensive education with Master degree in Industrial Engineering, Statistics along with Master of Business Administration (MBA) from Cornell University. He is passionate about statistics, quality, analytics and operations.

He also has an extensive industrial experience. He has worked for Ford Motor Company and Luminus Devices Inc as industrial statistician, Qualcomm Inc as senior yield engineer and now as the senior iPhone analyst engineer for Apple Inc. Prof. Mehta is also a certified quality engineer of ASQ (American Society for Quality).

Alex Peters : Adjunct Faculty

Alex Peters

Adjunct Faculty


Alex has 30+ years of experience as program executive, consultant, industry analyst and scholar. Previously, he worked for Forrester Research as CIO principal analyst, for Audi as program executive and IT director, and for EDS and IBM as principal and senior consultant. He worked also for two startups.

Alex earned a Ph.D. in Engineering from Aachen University of Technology in Germany and he was a post-doc fellow at Princeton University.

Soly Paterson : Adjunct Faculty

Soly Paterson

Adjunct Faculty


Soly Paterson has over 13 years business experience. Not only does she have practical manufacturing experience, but has taught business and engineering subjects at the graduate level. As Quality Systems Engineer, Training Coordinator and Project Manager in Silicon Valley companies in aerospace, medical device, SSD/ flash memory and other industries. Soly has led, implemented and maintained process improvement initiatives. Soly travelled extensively Internationally and the United States. She has a Masters of Business Administration, Bachelor of Science Industrial Technology from San Jose State University and Certificate of Project Management from UC Santa Cruz.

Avid Farhoodfar, PhD : Core Faculty

Avid Farhoodfar, PhD

Core Faculty


Dr. Avid Farhoodfar is a core faculty member at ITU. Her current industry work includes working in fiber optics and photonics projects. She has several published papers in recognizable journals as Physical Review B in 2009 and 2012, Journal of Physics in 2008: Condensed Matters. In 2014, She published a paper in Laser Resonators, Microresonators, and Beam Control XVI Journal in Bay area.

She received her Bachelor’s degree in Solid State Physics from Beheshti University, MS in Plasma Physics from Science and Technology University in Iran, MS in Condensed Matter Physics from Brock University, and PhD in Computational Physics and Material sciences from Queen’s University, Canada.

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