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Engineering Management


Engineering management involves the application of business methods and management expertise to technology-oriented companies, products and processes. The program here at International Technological University (ITU) has been designed to prepare engineers, technical specialists and business professionals to lead projects and programs of a technical nature.

Training in Engineering Management at ITU provides a blend of engineering and technology training, along with a foundation in principles of business management. The degree has sometimes been referred to as a “technical MBA” and puts a significant emphasis on the development of leadership skills, team-building, collaboration, technology assessment, innovation and entrepreneurship, financial analysis, quantitative methods, market research, and effective business communication.

Moreover, given our existence in the heart of Silicon Valley, we offer students the opportunity to study and learn about fast-developing emerging markets such as the Internet of Things (IoT), medical devices, digital health technology, cloud computing, and other areas.

Given the predominance of computer science, programming, and software development in Silicon Valley, we also offer courses in engineering management that prepare engineering and business managers to be conversant in these areas.

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Last modified: August 17, 2016