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Electrical Engineering Research & Development

ITU’s research and development stared in 2008. It aims to utilize cutting-edge technologies and techniques to develop practical approaches to brand new applications in a variety of fields.

There currently are five research labs:

  • Artificial Intelligent (AI) Lab lead by Dr. Eric Chen and Weihan Wang
  • Bioelectronics (BE) Lab lead by Dr. Dominik Schmidt and Dr. John Ladasky
  • Embedded System (ES) Lab lead by Dr. Karl Wang
  • System-on-Chip (SOC) Lab lead by Dr. John Ye
  • Green Energy (GE) Lab lead by Dr. Qingning Li

Research Projects

AI Lab:

  1. Non-GPS-based Robot Motion

Creating robots that can move to a target autonomously, in a consistently changing real-world environment. The project is based on self-built, real-time maps that use laser-range finders and Kinect hardware.

  1. Virtual Reality

Building a Virtual Reality Camera integrated with Maya to guide animation design for professional photographers.

  1. Gesture Control Information System

Establishing gesture recognition to interpret human gestures via image processing and mathematical algorithms. The research may have broad applications such as interpretation of American Sign Language, touch-less human-computer interaction and various gesture control systems.

Bioelectronics Lab

Current research focuses on the design of non-invasive glucose sensors. The project includes practical functionality like heart rate, body temperature to make a wearable health monitor.

Embedded Lab

Primary research involves research teams developing a prototype for a cloud-based energy management system with real-time data collection, analysis and management. Smart meter are designed for embedded solutions and to further develop a holistic System-on-a-Chip (SOC) solution.

System-on-a-Chip (SOC) Lab

Design and develop SOC chips for research demands for development of robot controls, smart meter and coordinators, wearable health monitor, and much more. Utilizes comprehensive IC design tools for manufacturing opportunity and support for design-to-silicon chips.

Green Energy Lab

Researches are related to reduce, reuse, and lifestyles green energy lifestyles, including solar and wind, which will protect the environment.

Advisory Team

Dr. Karl Wang
Specialty: Embedded Systems, IC Design

Dr. Eric Chen
Specialty: Computer Algorithms, Data Structure

Dr. Dominik Schmidt
Specialty: RF IC Design, Mixed Signal and MEMS Design

Dr. John Ladasky
Specialty: Bioelectronics

Dr. John Ye
Specialty: SOC Design

Dr. May Huang
Specialty: IC Design and Method, Artificial Intelligence

Mr. Weihan Wang
Specialty: Cloud Architecture and System Design

Dr. Qingning Li
Specialty: Electrical System Design, Physics

Dr. John Kim

Specialty: DSP, Digital Image Processing

Qualification to be research assistants:

ITU research labs are open to all fulltime students. Anyone who is interested in research projects and can dedicate one year or more on an individual project are welcome to apply. Students can submit their applications to Dr. John Ladasky,, or Dr. Michelle Liang,


Last modified: October 2, 2015