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Digital Arts



In a world of smartphones, tablets, wearable computers, and Augmented Reality (AR) the role of a digital artist is more important than ever. Not only is there an insatiable appetite for new content, but the skills demanded from a designer, story-teller and artist to create that content has extended far beyond traditional skill-sets. An infinite number of opportunities await those with the proper abilities and imagination. ITU’s Digital Arts (DA) program integrates design fundamentals, professional skills and entrepreneurial innovation into a unique program tailored to the modern artist who dares to innovate and create their own vision of the future.

The ITU MSDA curriculum is taught by experienced industry professionals who integrate design fundamentals, professional skills and entrepreneurial innovation in order to nurture a generation of artists who can lead, innovate and create the next industry disruption. Students will learn to produce live action, interactive and augmented media. The program prepares students to become leaders in digital art production, advertisement, movie, game, mobile and app industries. Graduates of this program will build multimedia portfolios with thesis papers designed for peer reviewed publications in academic and industrial journals.


Established in 2000, ITU’s Digital Arts department had a vision of maximizing creativity and innovation through the global integration of creative industries and academia.

In addition to sponsoring academic lectures and professional workshops worldwide, the Digital Arts department has served as consultants for major studios such as Disney China, China Film Group, and international toy and game companies based in Hong Kong, Canada and the United States.

In 2011, the Digital Arts department continued to aggressively expand ITU’s global impact in academics and the creative industries by formally launching ITU’s Digital Arts graduate degree program. In 2013, we have successfully initiated, in conjunction with the Business Administration department, an MBA in Digital Arts program. We have also mapped out DA concentrations for our students specific to Mobile App Development and Rich UI/UX and continue to look for new and innovative ways of providing an enriching, academic experience which along with our close relationships within top creative industries will ensure ITU’s continuing global role in all creative fields for years to come.

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Last modified: August 17, 2016