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Business Administration



The MBA is designed as a balanced preparation for managerial careers in business. Its purpose is to prepare students for responsible positions in a rapidly changing world; to develop an attitude of intellectual curiosity to foster a program of continuous learning throughout life; and to study management as a unique function applicable to all types of endeavors which involve the coordination of people and material resources toward given objectives.

The program provides the students a solid foundation in Accounting, Economics, Finance, International Business, Management, and Marketing that will be as valuable ten years from now as it is today. The University’s location in the heart of Silicon Valley provides its MBA students with exposure to the unique entrepreneurial success in this region. The MBA faculty has many years of experience in starting companies, managing corporations, directing advanced product development, and consulting for major companies.

In addition to the General MBA, we also offer the following concentrations:

  • MBA in Business Analytics Program
  • MBA in Healthcare Management Program

Doctorate Programs

Program Requirements

Inbound and Outbound Exams

Beginning Spring 2016, all new students are required to take Inbound exam with Peregrine Academic Services. The Inbound and Outbound exams are REQUIRED not OPTIONAL. Learn more about the inbound/outbound examination.

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Last modified: March 29, 2017