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ITU Presents: Technology, Ocean Conservation, and You

Technology, Ocean, and You__v3 copyITU Presents is our monthly guest lecture series aimed at bringing innovative Silicon Valley ideas to campus. So far, we’ve featured great talks on mobile app development in China and the future of WebGL.

On July 30th, ITU Presents will be hosting environmentalist Tory Read as she covers the biggest issues facing the world’s oceans today. Read will share how so me of Silicon Valley’s top minds are developing technology-focused solutions to fix our oceans.

Read comes to ITU with a wealth of industry experience in the field of environmentalism and social impact. During her career, she has worked with industry leaders like the World Wildlife Fund, UNESCO, and Conservation International.

“The purpose of this presentation is to inspire ITU students and partners to roll up their sleeves and help create technology solutions for our ocean,” says Read.

Industry Insight at ITU

p_toryreadITU Presents works to connect university students with the larger Silicon Valley community. Each lecture focuses on a new topic and gives students the chance to network with members of industry. Every month, we invite experts in a chosen field to share their views in an after-work talk on major topics affecting today’s world.

Reed comes to the University with a wealth of knowledge and insight into the field of social impact. She has worked as a reporter and public relations insider for some of the biggest movements in environmentalism. Currently, Read is working with the UNESCO’s World Heritage Marine Program to document and transcribe their efforts to inform environmental public policy.

Something Funny Happened on the Way to Industrialism

Ocean-Conservation-Action-New-FocusThe globe’s oceans are in a bit of trouble. According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), sea levels have risen about an inch per year over recent decades and sea surface temperature levels have peaked over the last three decades.

These oceanic changes are considered a direct result of man-made climate change and have severely affected ocean ecosystems the world over. With water covering roughly 70 percent of the Earth’s surface, the issues facing the ocean will have lasting effects on the entire planet.

The EPA found that, since the industrial revolution, man-made creations have been shown to have a clear effect on climate by adding additional greenhouse gases to the environment. Greenhouse gases are defined as natural and human-made gases that trap heat in the atmosphere. As more greenhouse gases get produced, more heat gets trapped in the atmosphere and causes temperatures to rise.

Hope Still Remains

While the world’s oceans may be in trouble, visionaries around the world are working to slow the damage and save ocean ecosystems. Read reports that a variety of start-ups, governments, and major corporations are leveraging technology to turn back the tide on ocean issues (pun intended!).

During her lecture, Read will share how Silicon Valley thought leaders are using apps, big data, and engineering marvels to fix the ocean issues brought on by global warming.

“Innovators the world over are exploring technology and coding approaches to help solve our most pressing global ocean challenges, which include overfishing, pollution, and ocean acidification due to climate change,” adds Read.

Learn More

If you’d like to attend ITU Presents with Tory Read, please go to our ITU Presents MeetUp Group to RSVP.