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ITU Alumnus Discusses His Job at Samsung & How His Education Help Him Secure the Job

Jay Chen

ITU Alumnus, Jay Chen, who leveraged his ITU education to secure a job at Samsung.

When he arrived at ITU two years ago, Jay Chen was looking to get the education and training which would allow him to become a leader in technology. Having now completed his Master’s of Science in Electrical Engineering degree, he has succeeded in his goals, as he recently leveraged his ITU education and work in ITU’s Embedded Systems Research Lab, to land a job at Samsung.

According to Chen, the innovative spirit of Silicon Valley and ITU’s industry linked education model are what drew him to begin his studies here: “Silicon Valley is a very special place, and I wanted to get a degree here. At ITU, I got the chance to work in the Embedded Research Lab, and get some hands-on training, which I knew would help me get a job in the future.”

Practical Projects

As part of his thesis, Chen worked on the coding of the firmware for an energy management system with Dr. Karl Wang. The device can monitor the energy used in an electrical device, as well as implements controls in case of emergency conditions. Dr. Wang was able to procure a patent on the energy management system.

His project work feeds directly into his new job as part of Android security at Samsung, which relates to Samsung Pay and phone security. According to Chen: “I worked with Dr. Wang on the energy management system. Our project focused on the security aspect of the Internet of Things, which really helped me to get my job Samsung.”

Developing Industry Skills

samsungPrior to his arrival at ITU, Chen received his Master’s in Electrical Engineering at Peking University, one of the top universities in China. He cites the need to gain more practical skills as the reason for the pursuit of his MS in Electrical Engineering degree at ITU: “At PKU, I spent most of my time in classes. Here [at ITU], I took my courses and worked in the Embedded Research Lab, which was like truly working in the industry.”

Chen speaks about his work with Dr. Karl Wang as one of the highlights of his time: “Dr. Wang taught me courses in advanced embedded system design, and really helped me to understand the industry environment.”

Chen, a mild mannered and soft-spoken person, says developing the soft skills needed to work at the highest level was also very important to him. He says working with a team on various project allowed him to develop his communication and teamwork skills, as well as gain the technical training needed for somewhere like Samsung.

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