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How to Succeed as a Business Administration Student

Are you a problem-solver, a critical thinker, technically literate? Do you like trends and entrepreneurship? Do you dream of starting companies, managing corporations, or directing advanced product development? A mostly “Yes” answer could mean that business administration is the right degree for you.

Basically, business administrators are business and industrial leaders. However, one may be a born leader, but his/her chances at success are made. Provided the right skills and knowledge, you may well succeed in managerial and higher positions.

So what is a Master of Business Administration (MBA) exactly?

“Business administration is a wide field that incorporates many types of management positions. From major corporations to independent businesses, every operation needs skilled administrators in order to succeed. Motivated, organized personalities will thrive in business, where environments are often high-powered.” (All Business Schools)

It involves communication literacy, the ability to collaborate and work with a team, and being very responsible, among other things. Those are what you need to learn and inculcate in yourself as a BA student. You must be passionate and have excellent organizational skills to succeed.

To become a successful MBA student, you must possess the following qualities:

  • Strategic Thinker
  • Team Leader
  • Resourceful Entrepreneur
  • Effective Communicator
  • Passionate Professional
  • Creative Problem-Solver


There are several areas of concentrations that you can focus on, while studying business administration: accounting, business analytics, international business, healthcare management, marketing, finance and many more.

The road to success is not an easy one, otherwise, everyone would be successful. Make sure to put your heart into business administration and you will be rewarded. If you believe in yourself, however, trust that a hard-earned degree can get you there.

Learn more about what qualities make a great Business Administration student in this infographic!

Anatomy of a Business Administrator

Download the pdf version of Anatomy of a Business Administrator!