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Get Ready to Celebrate The Festival of Color With ITU!

ITU is celebrating the Festival of Color on Friday, March 18, at 4:00 PM. The Festival of Color originated in India, where it is popularly known by the name of “Holi”. The festival celebrates the end of winter and the arrival of the colorful season of spring.

The Color Festival’s History

In India, traditionally bonfires are lit during Holi and people gather around these fires to sing and dance. The day after Holi is called “Dhuleti”. This is the day when people spray colored powder solutions or smear dry colored powder on each other’s faces. Typically, guests are first welcomed with colors and then served delicacies, drinks, and desserts. Holi is a festival that celebrates new beginnings and forgiveness with the aim of generating a sense of togetherness and peace in society.

At the Event

While we will not be lighting any bonfires, we will be celebrating with dry colors. We won’t be using water solutions at the event – so you do not have to worry about getting wet! All participants will be provided colored powder, food, and beverages at the event. In the interest of safety, participants are advised not to bring any colors of their own. The colors we provide will all be organic. We will also be having fun games and music at the event.

Attendees are welcome to bring a change of clothes; ITU will provide a changing room and a sink for participants to clean up. All proceeds from the event would go to City of Dreams, a volunteer-based group that works on improving the quality of life for children in Bay Area low-income communities.

Have Classes On the Same Day? Don’t Forget to Get Your Parking Pass!

There will be a $3 Environmental Fee for anyone who brings a car to the event. It is recommended that participants carpool to the event or use public transport. Students who have classes on March 18 need not pay for parking so long as they present a parking pass. Students who have classes on the day of the event will be provided with parking passes this Friday, March 11 in their classrooms.

RSVP Today!

RSVP today and purchase your tickets in advance. Tickets are $5 each plus taxes. The SGA is looking for volunteers who can help out during the event. If you are interested in volunteering for the Color Festival, you can register here.