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Gearing Up for a Job Interview? ITU’s Career Services Team Can Help You Prepare!

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Mock interviews are the best way to prepare oneself for the real thing. Although, most of us might feel more comfortable trying out mock interviews with family or friends, it is always better to work with an interviewer who is neutral and objective. Fortunately, for ITU students, the Career Services department offers this service to all students wanting to sharpen their interviewing skills.

Mock Interviews Similar to Real Interviews

The Career Services team ensures that its mock interviews are as close to the real thing as possible. Students need to inform Career Services about the kinds of positions they’re applying for and what their educational and professional background is like. The mock interviewers will keep those factors in mind, and design questions relevant to every candidate.

“Job interviews aren’t just about testing your technical knowledge. Most interviews also have behavioral questions. Mock interviews are an opportunity for candidates to think about how they could answer these questions,” reports Brenda Hendricksen, Associate Director for Employer and Community Relations at ITU.

For the upcoming Career Fair, key ITU faculty members have been invited to assist with mock interviews and provide interview training that’s specific to a student’s area of interest.

Advantages of Mock Interviews

Interview anxiety often makes people forget things – or it makes them go off-track during the actual interview. Mock interviews help eliminate that interview anxiety, candidates get to do a test run with their answers. They have the opportunity to structure their thoughts and correct their mistakes well in advance.

“Our team gives constructive feedback and this helps in boosting students’ confidence. Mock interviews are a safe environment. You can afford to make mistakes and correct them immediately,” Hendricksen explains.

Student Reviews

ITU student, Yun Zhou, who recently sat down for a mock interview with Hendricksen reports: “Brenda tried to understand the kind of position I was interviewing for and asked the appropriate kinds of questions. We practiced over multiple mock interview sessions. Her feedback enabled me to approach interviews with a whole new perspective.”

Zhou reports that the mock interview gave her an in-depth idea of the kinds of questions she could encounter during her actual interview. This increased her confidence by several times and she was able to impress the interviewers during her actual interview.

“I found that I needed to work on my body language and eye contact. I was given some excellent video resources by the Career Services team. During my actual interview, within the first few minutes itself, the interviewers commented that they were impressed with the kind of confidence I had. That’s when I knew that my mock interview sessions had really worked!” Zhou says.

RSVP for ITU’s Spring Career Fair

Have you registered for ITU’s Spring Career and Internship Fair on 8th April 2016? Registrations are now open! If you have an interview coming up, you can practice for it with a Career Services representative. To set up an appointment online, you can e-mail Career Services at You can also meet a representative during the Career Services drop-in hours from 10 AM to 12 PM on Tuesdays and 3:30 PM to 5:30 PM on Thursdays, outside the ITU Library.