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Dr. Rao Nemani Brings His Vast Experience to ITU’s Classrooms

Rao N_Spotlight_IMGDr. Rao Nemani brings a unique blend of academic rigor and real-world experience to the classroom, having gained a wealth of experience in the areas of software engineering, analytics, management and higher education. With over twenty years of international experience in senior leadership positions across global corporations like Voltas, Escorts, GlaxoSmithKline, Cap Gemini, United Health Group, and PricewaterhouseCoopers, Dr. Nemani has also taught at the Carlson School of Management, University of Minnesota, and has a Ph.D. in the area of organization and management.

The Scholar-Practitioner Model: A Blend of Theory and Practice

Dr. Nemani’s articles and research papers have been published in several international journals including the International Journal of Computer Technology and Applications, as well as the Journal of Knowledge Management Practice. With over two decades of industry experience, in addition to his extensive academic background, his class is designed on the scholar-practitioner model of learning.

“I ensure that my classes are highly interactive. There’s a two-way dialogue between the students and myself. At the same time, I’d also like my students to develop conceptual clarity and in-depth knowledge of the subject, which we achieve through assignments and papers. The class is a blend of theoretical concepts and application based learning,” Dr. Nemani explains.

Dr. Nemani currently teaches the Technology and Operations Management (MIS 527) course at ITU. He believes that fostering students’ curiosity and their ability to make decisions in a collaborative manner is central to a great learning experience. A key advantage of this pedagogy is that students develop the ability to think creatively and critically. “My classrooms are not just a one-directional dialogue with my students. Every student has knowledge and experiences that others could learn from. I want my students to share this knowledge with their peers,” he adds.

Another highlight of Dr. Nemani’s class is the detailed feedback students receive on their assignments. Sai Teja Cheruku, an MBA student at ITU reports: “Dr. Nemani gives us detailed feedback and insights on our assignments. This enables us to think of new ideas and identify areas where we could potentially make improvements. It also fosters creative and in-depth thinking. His teaching style is very engaging and interactive.”

Global Leadership

Dr. Nemani has worked in several countries including India, Indonesia, Australia, and the United States. He brings to the classroom his knowledge of international cultures and global business acumen and perspectives. “Today’s workplaces are becoming increasingly global. Students at ITU today could become global leaders tomorrow, and they need to be prepared to take on those challenges,” Dr. Nemani says.

ITU MBA student, Nutan Bhat, reports: “Dr. Nemani’s class has taught me how to view business situations from multiple perspectives. It is interesting how, on one hand, this class teaches you how to think creatively and at the same time, it also teaches you how to structure and align your thoughts strategically to solve business problems.”

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