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Open Campus Policy

An Open Campus student is a non-matriculating student who is enrolled in courses for a particular trimester, but not yet admitted into any degree program. Such a student may enroll in any master’s level (numbered 500-699) course in any discipline at ITU, except for internship, capstone, and thesis courses. Open Campus student may not enroll in a doctoral level course, without special approval from the Department Chair.

There is no unit maximum per trimester. However, the student may only apply nine (9) credit hours earned under Open Campus towards a degree program. Should a student later apply and be admitted into an ITU program, the student will have a choice of which nine (9) credit hours to apply towards the degree. The student must apply through regular admissions process prior to enrolling in the 10th unit, if all credit hours are to count towards graduation. Cumulative GPA earned under Open Campus will carry over to the degree program, regardless of whether the credit hours count towards graduation requirements.

Open Campus students must adhere to any and all of university policies and the Student Code of Conduct. Open Campus students are subject to the same tuition and fees, as well as refund schedule, as all other students, with the exception of the health insurance premium. Access to university facilities, services, and resources will be available. However, an Open Campus student cannot run for or be in a student leadership role at ITU.

Current degree-seeking ITU students are not eligible to register as Open Campus students.