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ITU Presents

Connecting Silicon Valley Through Conversation

ITU Presents organizes events designed to support ITU’s mission to provide industry-relevant education. Through these events, ITU connects students with the larger community of working professionals in Silicon Valley. We partner with professional organizations throughout the region to co-sponsor events that aim to keep students current on developments in their fields and provide them with valuable networking opportunities.

Time & Date

Events are typically held Thursday evenings but may occur on other evenings on occasion.

Information for ITU Students

In order to access the videos, please proceed to the ITU Career Platform.

Your log-in information will be the same as your EMS log-in information. Once you have logged in, select “eLearning Series” in the top green banner. You will find ITU Presents towards the bottom of the page. After you select ITU Presents, you will find the ITU Presents videos.

After watching the online videos, fill out the ITU Presents Online Substitution Request form and submit it to the Registrar’s Office using the ticketing system.

For additional information, please review your student catalog.

Last modified: October 26, 2016