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Academic Quality Committee

Academic Quality Committee

The ITU Academic Quality Committee (AQC) has responsibility for the conduct of ITU’s academic programs and to ensure consistency with the academic mission of the university in administering all Master’s and Doctoral programs. The committee takes the following responsibilities:

  1. Helps both students and faculty members achieve their academic and professional goals.
  2. Administers existing programs, revises and reviews those programs, and develops new ones.
  3. Builds academic policies, procedures, and standards for both students and faculty.
  4. Monitors the institutional research and provides improvement feedbacks of results to the CEO and Board of Trustees.
  5. Makes decisions on academic affairs, faculty and student activities, scholarships, and special cases of daily operations.

The committee is composed of the following faculty members consists of the Academic VP, Dean of Faculty, Department Chairs and Faculty Program Directors, the Associate Executive Vice President (non-faculty voting representative), and Dean of Doctoral Studies and Research. Staff members responsible for academic support programs participate as resources to the AQC.

The committee conducts a weekly meeting at the ITU meeting room on each Wednesday afternoon from 4:00 pm to 6:00pm. Any change of the meeting time shall be announced before Tusday. A meeting agenda is posted in the Google Doc and will be moved to EMS by each Tuesday.

The meeting minute is recorded by the administration office and posted in the Google Doc under the AQC Meeting Minutes folder at the second day of the meeting.

Revised and Approved, Liz Li, Dean of Faculty, January 4, 2011

Academic Quality Committee
General Weekly Meeting Agenda

  1. Discuss current issues/solutions
  2. Programs:
    • New/update degree programs/Benchmarks
    • New courses/CSLO /New Semester Schedule
    • Academic Quality control – degree audit/performance evaluation
    • Training/certificate programs
    • Supports assessment policies and efforts to monitor the quality of students learning.
  3. Admin:
    • Scholarship & Financial Aid
    • New faculty/TA hiring discussion
    • Faculty/TA evaluation
    • Faculty Handbook/Student Handbook updates
  4. Education Management System/Database features
  5. Review the academic policies and processes once a year during the fall trimester and when necessary

Last modified: August 16, 2013